Spring Linky Party

I was just surfing around blogland and I found a Spring Linky Party which I joined up with.  Click on the picture to hop on over for some awesome Spring Theme ideas!!


New Product in My TPT Store

I had the chance to add a few items to my Teachers Pay Teachers store today.  These are tutorials that I have for sale on my papercrafting blog - Stamper On The Shore

This first tutorial shows you the steps to create an adorable flower bouquet card which my class will be making for their Moms for Mother's Day.
There are very clear, step by step instructions.

I used flower punches for this card, but you could easily adapt it for bought paper flowers, or have the children make their own flowers.

Scroll down for more photos and a second tutorial.

to download the tutorial

This second tutorial is more for the Staff.
If you are interested in scrapbooking or card making
this layout is excellent for a new baby, or young child.

Included are step-by-step instructions.  Including how to make those cute box pleat, and that pop-up sailboat.  Although I used Stampin' Up! product on this page, you can adapt it for similarly coloured papers.

to download the tutorial.


Hands Around the Earth

So here's a cute idea for Earth Day.
How about Re-Using newspaper for art?

Here's what we created this week in my class.

First, you need newspaper and a variety of shades of blue and green.
Next cover a page of paper with each colour.

Then, rip the paper into strips about 1 1/2" wide.

Then cut a large circle out of blue or green construction paper.  Sorry for the poor quality photo below.  I have a flowered tablecloth to protect my table, so it makes the project difficult to see.
I gave the children some of the strips of painted newspaper and showed them how to rip them into smaller squares and then the kids used gluesticks to create a collage.

I thought I would need to trim the edges, but the kids did a great job of staying close to the edge and I thought it gave the "earth" a more interesting look and added texture to the project.

I found the little foam people at the dollar store last year, but you can buy something similar at Michaels.  The kids loved adding the details to their little people.  For some reason Blogger keeps turning these photos on their side, so some of the people are upside down. Sorry for the mess.

Anyway, here's a look at the final project.  I love how bright it is.  And it was very easy to make.


The Lorax Language Arts

So here's a simple Language Arts idea for Earth Day. 
This lesson idea is easy to apply to any book you may read to your class.

First I read my students The Lorax by Dr. Seuss
Then we went over the storyline.
With a little help from me, we came up with 19 steps to the story.

Next, gave the kids some tips on how to draw the main characters of the story.

Next I cut the chart paper into strips and gave each student a sentence to copy down.
I used the Lorax blackline master from What the Teacher Wants' "Going Green" Earth Day Unit.

I drew a picture for the cover as we are going to put all these pages into a class book.

After the cover is laminated, I will put all the kids pages together and bind it as a book.  I'm glad I numbered the strips and I made the children write the number down on their page so that I can assemble the book in the right order.

Below are a few examples of my student's pages (in no particular order)
Some of their pictures really made me laugh.  I'm always amazed at children's creativity.  Aren't you?


I'm also joining up with the Linky Party over at Sunny Days in Second Grade. 
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Easter Baskets

I made these cute Easter Baskets with my class last week.

They were absolutely easy to make.  Of course the kiddos needed a bit of help, especially with the stapler.  But overall, the activity was unexpectedly simple. 

This is the template I used to create the baskets. 
The only difference is that I did not cut away the triangle shapes.
Click here for a link to a fabulous tutorial by Renee Van Stralen.
To modify it for my Grade 2 students I cut the paper to a 9x9 inch square.
Then I scored them into 9 squares - like a tic tac toe pattern.
I showed the children how to cut their own slits.

Once the basket was put together, the kids glued on the strap.
Then I came through with the stapler and secured it all together.

To cover the staples, I had the children decorate their baskets with stickers and die cuts.
Below you will see a variety of ways that they decorated their handles.
I gave them very little direction about what to do, and their creativity really surprised me.
We put a few other Easter crafts, chocolate eggs, and coloured eggs in the basket to take home.