Integrating STEAM and ELA


This is a very straightforward approach to STEAM and ELA in the classroom.  I love how Science, Technology Engineering, Math, Arts, Reading, Writing and Speaking can all be combined in one package.

 I’ve been using STEM and STEAM activities in my classroom for a while now.  And I absolutely LOVE how they work.  In fact I wrote down all the things I love about STEM.  You can find that HERE if you’re interested.

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I love reading non-fiction and fiction books when I’m teaching a Science concept to the class.  It’s easy to integrate non-fiction reading when you are working on a Science topic, but what about working on reading instruction.  I mean it’s also possible to find books about the topic, and then ask the kids to read them for information, but what about actual ELA INSTRUCTION. 

I found that when I created my Fairy Tale STEM products that they were really popular.  And I believe it’s because the STEM activities are closely tied to stories that the kids know and love.  So then I wondered, “What if I created my own stories that the teachers could use for Guided Reading lessons?”.  And then I decided I create STEM or STEAM activities that would go well with these little books. 

So, I came up with this great idea.  It integrates STEAM and ELA in one nice, easy-to-prep package.  I call it STEAM STORIES.  Steam stories come in weekly units that focus on one topic.  There’s 3 different levels of a Guided Reading book.  One for BELOW grade-level kids, one for AT grade-level kids, and one for ABOVE grade-level kids.  They all have the same story, so all the kids can learn about the same characters and do ELA activities about the same book.  But there’s also a weekly STEAM challenge which coordinates with the book. 


You need to do a bit of prep in the beginning creating the multiple copies of each Guided Reading Book.  There a few other visuals and worksheets to copy.  But the rest is included.  There’s a slideshow as well as editable planning sheets and letters home.  I have big plans to fill this out with ELA centers and other activities.  

Right now you can get each as an individual weekly product, or you can bundle up.  You can get monthly bundles, or the growing bundle.  

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 The growing bundle will include all 28 weeks when finished.  Right now I'm about half way through it.  As I add weekly units, the price goes up.  So get it now for the low price, don't wait until it is complete or you will pay full price.   



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