Integrating STEAM and ELA


This is a very straightforward approach to STEAM and ELA in the classroom.  I love how Science, Technology Engineering, Math, Arts, Reading, Writing and Speaking can all be combined in one package.

 I’ve been using STEM and STEAM activities in my classroom for a while now.  And I absolutely LOVE how they work.  In fact I wrote down all the things I love about STEM.  You can find that HERE if you’re interested.

I love reading non-fiction and fiction books when I’m teaching a Science concept to the class.  It’s easy to integrate non-fiction reading when you are working on a Science topic, but what about working on reading instruction.  I mean it’s also possible to find books about the topic, and then ask the kids to read them for information, but what about actual ELA INSTRUCTION. 

I found that when I created my Fairy Tale STEM products that they were really popular.  And I believe it’s because the STEM activities are closely tied to stories that the kids know and love.  So then I wondered, “What if I created my own stories that the teachers could use for Guided Reading lessons?”.  And then I decided I create STEM or STEAM activities that would go well with these little books. 

So, I came up with this great idea.  It integrates STEAM and ELA in one nice, easy-to-prep package.  I call it STEAM STORIES.  Steam stories come in weekly units that focus on one topic.  There’s 3 different levels of a Guided Reading book.  One for BELOW grade-level kids, one for AT grade-level kids, and one for ABOVE grade-level kids.  They all have the same story, so all the kids can learn about the same characters and do ELA activities about the same book.  But there’s also a weekly STEAM challenge which coordinates with the book. 


You need to do a bit of prep in the beginning creating the multiple copies of each Guided Reading Book.  There a few other visuals and worksheets to copy.  But the rest is included.  There’s a slideshow as well as editable planning sheets and letters home.  I have big plans to fill this out with ELA centers and other activities.  Right now I’ve released a few week’s worth of units.  I’ve started a growing bundle.  This bundle will grow to be 28 units in all.  If you’re interested, get in now, while the price is super low.

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