Cute Fall Art


Welcome to my newest blog.  My latest addiction these days is following other teacher's blogs.  It may have taken me awhile, but I finally decided to take another leap into blog land.  So here's it is.  Ta-DAAAA!!1   Welcome (again) to Sandra's Savvy Teaching Tips. 

Today I'm sharing a wonderful art project called INCHIES.  I found the idea for this lesson on That Artist Woman.  Click here to check out her fabulous blog.   Inchies are supposed to be one inch square (thus the name of course).  But to make this easier for little hands, these are 2 inch square.  I have to say I modified Gail's lessons to utilize the materials I had in my classroom.

I am a cardmaker and scrapbooker, and I pulled out many of my supplies and tools for this project.  Some of the inchies use scrapbooking paper, and some of them use painted paper.  My kids used watercolours and watercolouring paper to paint some paper with swatches of Fall colours.  The watercolours add a nice texture, and they worked really well for falling leaves 
Here's a few shots of some of the kids' work.

 Some close ups of the Inchies.  I am a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, and so most of my tools come from their line of products.  These sunflowers were made using some patterned paper (the denim background??) and various SU punches.  I used the Petal Punch and the 1" circle punch here.

The background on this inchie is patterned paper, and the leaves are punched out of painted watercolour paper using the petal punch.  The children then cut out the word FALL and glued the letters on individually.

 The full moons were made on painted watercolour paper.  They attached a 1" circle punched out of a yellow post-it and then painted over it with black paint.

The tree silhouettes were made using diffusing paper.  The children coloured on the paper with water based markers and then painted over the ink with water.  The colours blend together well.  When it was dry, the children painted the trees on with black paint.  The leaves were stamped in Chocolate Chip ink on some patterned paper.

 The corn husks took a bit more work.  The petal shapes were punched out of patterened paper.  The green leaf was cut in half and layered over the yellow centre.  The children then glued on some raffia.
 The candy corn was made by drawing a triangle, and colouring it and then cutting it out.  The children then cut out the letters to spell corn.

The children drew the pumpkins with crayons on watercolouring paper.  Then they used brown watercolour to paint a wash over it.  I cropped the paper to make for an interesting view on the inchie.  It didn't really matter if the children made the pumpkin too large. 

And finally, the little crow in the middle was very simple.  I gave the children an inchie cut out of newspaper.  The children drew their bird with a pencil, then they used a black marker to colour it in.  The googly eye was added later.

Here they are - ta daaaaa!   I hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. WOW!! What a great project. I have 8 yr old twins in 3rd grade and can say your students are soooo very lucky to have you for a teacher. Thanks for sharing and of course, best of luck on your new blog. (found you through your emails to me--I'm a demo, too)
    Stay well,

  2. Great job Sandra! I'd like to be in your class please - looks like fun!

  3. I am going to love this blog! Where do you get your energy from!?! Wonderful project!

  4. Beautiful art. Just found your blog and am glad I did.


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