Chinese New Year Lesson Ideas


Here on the West Coast of Canada we have a lot of immigrants from Asia.  This means that there are a lot of asians in Vancouver.  There are many big Celebrations for Chinese New Year.  Some people prefer to use the more inclusive Lunar New Year, as many other countries in Asia, like Vietnam, also celebrate New Year at the same time.

So I found this totally cool site from the United Kingdom. 
 And it's FREEEEEEEE (my favourite four-letter word)

Check out this link at   They have the most fabulous and interesting lessons on Chinese New Year.  There's also tons of other free stuff on all kinds of topics.

How about these cool vocabulary cards.   There's also blackline versions of them.

 And there's the absolutely A-DOR-ABLE colouring pages with the animals from the Chinese Zodiac.


  1. Thanks for the new site! Going to check it out right now!

  2. What a great site! Thank you for sharing. I was just thinking about what to do to celebrate Chinese New Year in my class. This will be perfect!