Skating Booklet - FREEBIE!!!

Well we finally had a bit of Winter here in Vancouver.  We actually had a week of snow.  Although we are in Canada, most of the Winter Sports, here in Vancouver, are done inside; especially ice skating. 

  At my school, every year the kids go skating. We go 3 classes at a time, and 3 different times on the ice. This gives the kids a chance to improve each time. So by the time they are in Grade 2, most of my students can skate a little bit, and by Grade 4 or 5 they are very confident on the ice. We went for our first ice time yesterday, so I made up this little book for my class to complete when they got back.   

There are diagrams to compare the different kinds of ice skates.
And there are some open-ended Language Arts lessons.  They are perfect for Grade One, but can be adapted for K or Grade 2.  I used them with my Grade Two's. 

or click on the big photo above to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store and Download your FREE copy.

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