Fabulous Fluency

So I am off in the sunshine of Southern California with my family at the moment.  I am still working on my story writing packet.  It's coming soon...

In other news, I found this fabulous freebie over at What The Teacher Wants. 
Fluency is so important in reading.  Children can forget what the start of the sentence says if they go too slowly.  On the other hand, they can also go too quickly and skip over words or word endings.  Hop on over to her blog post and read about how she uses them in her own classroom.  Although I am on holiday right now, once I get back into the class I am going to try these out right away.  I like how she introduces one poster at a time.  I also like her little self-evaluation blackline.  

 Click here to go to her post, and Click here to download these adorable posters for FREE