St. Patricks Punch Art

This year, St Patricks Day falls in the middle of our Spring Break. 
And with our 3 day strike last week, I only had two teaching days so far in March.  So St Patricks Day kinda got pushed to the way side.
So I thought Id share with you a project we did last year.

I used a digital scrapbooking program to create the black and white master of the Shamrock Rainbow.  I photo copied one for each child.  Then we got to work making our punch art Leprechaun.

Here are some photos of my kids work.  Scroll down for more detailed instructions.  I think if we were to do this lesson again I would use a different technique for the sky.  Maybe paint would work better.

Anyway, these arent detailed instructions, just a breakdown of what was used.

Below are images of the finished project, and grey outlines of the punches used. 
All the punches are from Stampin Up!

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