Wow - am I behind or what???

Wow, I need to get back into regular posting.  I have so many ideas and photos from the past few months that I really want to share with you.  Sometimes life can be really crazy though.

warning - scroll down if you want to avoid the complaining and get to the teaching stuff  :)

I think I posted pictures of our house flood a few months ago.  Well, putting the basement back together has been another story in itself.  Let's just say that it's causing a lot of stress.  Part of the problem is that we hired my BIL to work on part of it, and his marriage (to my SIL) is crumbling and unfortunately he cannot separate us as his family, from us as his clients.  So let's just say we finally had to fire him and hire someone else.  Needless to say, Brad is busy trying to do a lot of the work himself.  Last weekend he tiled the basement and then I helped him grout it the next day.  We have flipped 3 other houses, but this was supposed to be our final move, and this house was not supposed to need work right away - but sometimes fate just takes these decisions right out of your hands.

The biggest stress in our house right now is financial, as I'm sure many of you have experienced lately.  Starting on Monday, the Teachers Union in British Columbia is going on strike.  My hubby is a teacher too, so it's a big financial hit.  And although we have house insurance, the flood uncovered some other major repairs that were not covered.

And to top it all off, our cat nearly died.  He ate a bird and it somehow made him very sick.  He may look like a cat, but he's actually a dog in a cat's body.  How many cats do you know that come when you whistle?  He's a really important part of our family and he's only 9 years old.  But it looks like he's pulling through so that's a relief.

OK - now it's safe - back to the teaching stuff!!

Firstly, I wanted to post up some photos of how I put together the heart pop-up card that was included in my free Valentine's Unit. 

Oh, BTW, apparently I cannot spell Valentine's properly and I've fixed up a few spelling mistakes, so now you can get the updated version. I know Valentine's Day has passed, but if you are a super organzied person, you just might want it for next year.

Now on to the pop-up card.  I apologize in advance if you find it confusing.  I took photos of several different cards so they are all different colours.

Here are the two pages from the Pop-up card  One is the blackline master (below) and the other is the instruction sheet. (on the left)

First I copied the  blackline master onto coloured paper.  The children coloured the heart as brightly as they could with a red crayon.  Then they cut it out.

Then I helped them fold the card as in the instruction sheet above.  To the right is a photo of the yellow card folded closed.  The missing corner is where the heart folds in.
Then I attached the colured paper card to a white cover.  You need to fold the larger white cover in half and then line up the folds (as with the pink card below).  I glued down one side at a time.
So when the card opens, the heart pops up!  Below you will find a few more photos to show you exactly what I mean.

You can decorate the cover any way you want.
I apologize for the photo below, but for some reason, Blogger keeps on turning this one sideways when I load it.  So if you lean to the right it's easier to see.  This is how my class decorated the cover.  We punched hearts out of tissue paper with a heart punch (which was an event in itself) and then made a colourful heart collage.  I precut the rectangle fo them to glue to, and then they trimmed off the extras when it was dry before they glued it down to the cover.  The red heart image and sentiment is a Stampin' Up! stamp.  I stamped it onto paper for each child and they cut them out and glued them on top of the collage themselves.  This way every child got a colour copy of the sentiment.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial.  Please leave a comment as I love to hear what you think!


  1. Love the art and I hope the strike doesn't last long...and that your basement gets finished soon! =)

    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. So sorry for the family drama but LOVE the pop-ups! Very cute!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade