Easter Baskets

I made these cute Easter Baskets with my class last week.

They were absolutely easy to make.  Of course the kiddos needed a bit of help, especially with the stapler.  But overall, the activity was unexpectedly simple. 

This is the template I used to create the baskets. 
The only difference is that I did not cut away the triangle shapes.
Click here for a link to a fabulous tutorial by Renee Van Stralen.
To modify it for my Grade 2 students I cut the paper to a 9x9 inch square.
Then I scored them into 9 squares - like a tic tac toe pattern.
I showed the children how to cut their own slits.

Once the basket was put together, the kids glued on the strap.
Then I came through with the stapler and secured it all together.

To cover the staples, I had the children decorate their baskets with stickers and die cuts.
Below you will see a variety of ways that they decorated their handles.
I gave them very little direction about what to do, and their creativity really surprised me.
We put a few other Easter crafts, chocolate eggs, and coloured eggs in the basket to take home.


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