The Lorax Language Arts

So here's a simple Language Arts idea for Earth Day. 
This lesson idea is easy to apply to any book you may read to your class.

What a great idea for a class book.  and it's free!

First I read my students The Lorax by Dr. Seuss
Then we went over the storyline.
With a little help from me, we came up with 19 steps to the story.

Next, gave the kids some tips on how to draw the main characters of the story.

Next I cut the chart paper into strips and gave each student a sentence to copy down.
I used the Lorax blackline master from What the Teacher Wants' "Going Green" Earth Day Unit.

I drew a picture for the cover as we are going to put all these pages into a class book.

After the cover is laminated, I will put all the kids pages together and bind it as a book.  I'm glad I numbered the strips and I made the children write the number down on their page so that I can assemble the book in the right order.

Below are a few examples of my student's pages (in no particular order)
Some of their pictures really made me laugh.  I'm always amazed at children's creativity.  Aren't you?


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