Busy Girl


Whew I've been a busy girl. 
In my other life I'm a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator,
as well as full-time Wife and Mom.

You probably know the deal.

Anyway, I've currently got a big project to do for the display boards at Convention in July.
(that's the Stampin' Up! Convention), so I've been really, really busy.

And I've two weeks until my report cards are due - oh yeah, so much to think about.
I'm not stressed!!!!???

Who am I kidding.

Anyway, I'm sure you're not interested in my complaining.
You're probably wondering why I started this post with a photo of a graduation cap.


One of my most popular posts ever, was this little tutorial on how to make this cute
little graduation cap. 

or click on the photo to go to my papercrafting blog and get the free tutorial.

It's pretty easy.  If you don't have the punches that I used, you will get the general idea for
how to piece together you own out of your own shapes.

I realize that many of you who teach south  of me are heading towards summer break and "graduation"  Kindergarten Graduation is my favourite.  I used to teach Kindergarten
and I always had a little graduation ceremony in my class during the last week of school.
We'd make paper graduation caps and sing some farewell songs, and then have
cookies and milk (or tea) with the parents and grandparents.
Always a cute event!


WOW - it's been quite the week

Anyway, before I get to the pictures, I need to vent.
I've been teaching for 21 years.   
I'm no novice at this game.

This year, it's been CRAZY!
Now, I know that once in a while, you get a group of kids that have their extra "challenges".
But this year, I've been dealing with a lot more.

I cannot give more detail, but I would love to.

But, I cannot be unprofessional about it.
Let's just say, that I have a very difficult class and it's mostly the boys, and it's mostly behaviour.

Today was the final straw in a long list of issues.
My school is up on an embankment above a relatively busy street in the city.
Let's remember that I have been at this particular school for 12 years now.
Today, four of my little "darlings" decided to throw 'boulders' over the fence and down the hill onto the busy street at lunchtime.  When I say boulders, I mean rocks the size of an american football.

One of these 'boulders' almost hit a car.

Who's liable in these situations????

Why would they do such a dangerous thing?

Nothing like this has ever happened before.

What would have happened if they had acutally caused a traffic accident.

Anyway, I just needed to vent.


New FREEBIE product on TPT !!!!

I'm totally excited about this new product I just posted on Teachers Pay Teachers. 
And the best part????

It's FREE!!!!!

This is a SCIENCE unit great for any animal study/ biology unit for primary


It's a great unit for teaching beginning Critical Thinking Skills.

Here's a few sneak peeks at the pages.

There are labelling ideas.

Some Language Arts ideas...

Some Art ideas...

And scope and sequence and making decisions ideas.
Please download this FREE product and please let me know what you think about it.
I have plans to make many more units on this theme and I'd love to hear your feeback.