Math on Mondays - Cute Candy Corn 10 frames

Here's another post from my older series - MATH ON MONDAYS

10 frames are amazing, aren't they???
I love how much it helps children organize their thoughts.
10 frames help children keep track of counting,  see number relationships, learn addition to 10, and understand place value.  Check out this video below to explain more about the value of 10 Frames.

I use 10 frames that I have photocopied out of my teacher's blackline masters from a program called Math Makes Sense 2.  I have hundreds of bingo chips from the dollar store that I keep in little plastic containers with a lid (from the dollar store). 

I also have made a series of these little cards from another blackline master from my teacher's blackline masters.  I mounted them on card stock and laminated them.


To spice things up for my kids, I found these FREE candy corn 10 frames from
Caitlyn Clabby.  Click here to download. 
She also has tons of ideas for using them in her classroom on her blog.

I used them to introduce addition in a whole class activity.
I stuck the candy corn up on the board with a magnet.
Then I had the children replicate it with their own 10 frames and bingo chips.

We did this for a while and then I started combining them together as this set of candy corns goes up to 20.
Once I combined the chips to "make 10"  I pulled out the candy corn that had the answer on it.

This is another new feature I'd like to add to Math on Mondays


Here are 10 more resources using 10 Frames or Candy Corn (or both)

1.   Young and Lively Kindergarten has a great FREE pumpkin roll and cover 10 frame game. 
2.   Rachel Koontz has several FREE resources including worksheets using candy corn.
3.   Kreative in Kinder has FREE pumpkin ten frames.
4.   Illuminations have some great FREE software activities using ten and five frames.
5.   Confessions of a Primary Teacher has some double ten frame worksheets.
6.   Pink Polka Dots has some FREE cute pumpkin ten frames.
7.   Two Fulbright Hugs  has some great FREE10 frame spinners.
8.  Mathematical Thinking has a FREE 10 frame snake which is fun to play.
9.  Marcia Murphy has a numbers 0 - 10 colouring book using 10 frames.
10.  Elena Ortiz has a great free scarecrow 10 frame game.