Christmas Angels

Well December is almost here.  It's time to start the Christmas Art.
I don't ususally teach anything religious for Christmas, but these angels are really easy and effective.

Where I work, there are a number of christians, but there are also a lot of children whose families practice other religions.  I feel, that we are not supposed to teach religious doctrine in public schools, there's no harm in introducing the kids to the story of Christmas and where all the vocabulary comes from.
The kids will see nativity scenes and angels in the mall, and on people's lawn's, so I feel, as an educator, I need to teach the children all the vocabulary associated with Christmas.  I also teach Santa, Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman etc.

Anyway, I had all these styrofoam balls, so we painted them with peach coloured paint.  Then the kids cut out half circles of scrapbook paper to make the skirt.
The arms were strips of other scrapbook paper with a pipe cleaner for sturdiness.   I cut up some older music, and folded it to make a choir book.

The hair and halo's were in my stash, and I attached them with a glue gun.
And the wings were made from cupcake papers from the big box stores.


Currently for November

A little late, but I actually did remember to hook up with Farley's Currently.  I have to chuckle, because I wrote that WANTING comment above a little tongue in cheek and found out that Farley wants one to.  Well, she called it a Personal Assistant, but let's call a spade, a spade.  I need a wife.
Anyway, I hope all you Americans out there have a fabulous Thanksgiving next weekend.

Fall Leaves Art and Poem and a FREEBIE!

Here's a cute Art / Language Arts project for Fall that we did last week.
I need to apologize again for the terrible photos, please bear with me.
This is how we made the painting.
First we painted the background.  We used pucks of tempra paint.  I showed the children how to mix blue and black to make a stormy sky.
Next we painted black streaks on brown construction paper.  When the paint dried I gave the children a tracer to trace and cut out the tree shape.

Then we also painted with red, yellow and orange on watercolour paper.  When the paper was dry, we punched out the leaves with the Petal Punch from Stampin Up.  Any leaf punch will do.  The small maple leaves were a punch from the dollar bin at Michaels.  We also used some old scrapbook paper in fall colours that I had lying around.

Next we wrote the fall poems using a frame. (Scroll down for a free lesson prinable!!!)  The kids then typed them in the computer as best they could (with a little editing from me) and I printed them out.  I attached them to some purple construction paper and the kids cut them out using fancy scissors.

This was a very simple activity, but the kids got to experiment with colour mixing, watercolouring, composition, and paper collage.   Adding the language art component added the children's understanding of not only Language Arts and Fine Arts but also of Science.

Here's my latest FREEBIE over at Teacher's Pay Teachers.
We used this lesson to generate the poems and put a copy in their Songs and Poems books, then the typed version was added to this art project and hung up for display. This FREEBIE includes the blackline master, a coloured version if you want it for display purposes, a step-by-step guide to the lesson and a 'cheat sheet' to help explain the lesson form.
to download.

Remembrance Day Freebie

So this week, for vetrans' day and Remembrance Day, I'd like to mention that I have a little freebie over at Teachers' Pay Teachers