A New Freebie

I promise that I will be posting more these days.  I really do.  I have a student teacher for the next few months, so he should free me up for more bloggin' time.  Or at least, for more creating time.
Today I am stepping into another area of the crafting world. 
Digital Clip Art
I really enjoy playing around with this stuff on my computer so I though I'd try out some free background papers for you to try.
To download these freebies, just
and you will be taken to my Teachers' Pay Teachers store and get it for free
I haven't finalized my Terms of Use, but for now, it's both for
Have Fun.  I have a lot more from this set to post up in the next few days.  Please leave me feedback and tell me what you think!

Snowmen Families

I really enjoyed this simple art project.     The original idea comes from Gail Bartel.
You may know her as 'That Artist Woman'.  Hop on over and check out her fabulous blog and her step-by-step instructions on how to make these cute families.
I used some grey card stock that I had lying around.  I like the contrast between the virbrant blue and stark white.
 After they stamped the families above they decorated their families.  I used a hole punch to punch out the little circles for buttons and eyes, but the rest was all done by them. 

Oh yeah, the letters were done with a die cutting machine.  Next time I do this activitiy I will use a die with smaller letters.  I didn't realize just how big some of the long names in my class would be.

I made sure that they only stamped family members that they live with.
This little girl is the youngest of 8 sisters.

Many of my students live with their grandparents too.
Don't forget to hop on over to Gail's blog for instructions.