Hippity Hoppity Easter Fun!

I had great aspirations...
 Well, I had great  hopes...
Well, I started out with a fabulous idea, and just not enough time to finish it.  Sometimes life just gets in the way right? 
With the tragic demise of my computer last week, I have been struggling to finish up this Easter Unit for you.  I have managed to finish up most of the Language Arts and Math portions to this unit.  So I have prepared a mini unit which has lots of Language Arts activities, centres, and worksheets as well as some Math lessons and worksheets which are all created with Differentiated Learning in mind.
Some of my activities allow for each child to work at their own level using the same materials and activities as their classmates, and some of my activities provide several different copies of similar looking worksheets with each learner's ability in mind.  This way, although they will not be completing exactly the same worksheet as all their classmates, they will be completing an activity which appears the same.
I took some of my favourite lessons and ideas and "prettied them up" a bit.
These are all tried and tested by me in my over 20 years of teaching experience. 
 I will finish up this unit in the future and add lessons and/or activities in Science, Social Studies, Art, and Music.   And when I do, I will raise the price of this package.  BUT if you get it now for the basic price, which includes only the Math and Language Arts lessons, you will be able to download the complete unit for FREE with all the extras.   Currently it's 37 pages, but in the future it will be close to 100 pages.
to go to my TPT store and get your own copy!
Please, please, please, send me any feedback.  I would love to make sure that this package works for everyone.  I have used the American spelling for 'color' and if you would like it changed to the Canadian/ Australian/ British spelling, just drop me a line, or a comment on TPT and I will fix it up for you.

The Happiest Place On Earth!!

So it's Spring Break in Vancouver.     We're on our annual trip to Palm Springs and decided that this year we'd pop in and visit The land of Disney.
We tried to find an inexpensive place to stay, but Wow - did we find a dump.  Fortunately it was right across the street from Disney, and it had this funky 50's feel.  (probably because that's the last time anything was updated.)   I thought the courtyard was so kitschy that I had to share a photo with you.
Here we are in California Adventures.   I have a new personal record.    We waited in line for this ride for an hour and a half!   Here's a photo taken after 45 Minutes in line.  Disney has this Fast Pass system on its most popular rides, where you can scan your ticket and it will give you an hour window to come back and line up in a much shorter line.  The Cars Land (like the movie Cars) is a new attraction, and thus the most important attraction in the park at the moment.  So they had a separate Fast Pass line where you lined up and there was a person handing out the Fast Passes, not a machine.  Well, the lineup to GET a Fast Pass, was almost as long as the actual ride lineup, and this was 15 minutes after the park opened.  Besides, there was no guarantee that they wouldn't run out of passes before I got to the end of the line, so we just got in the line for the ride, without Fast Passes. 
And here's what we were waiting for.
These are the cute cars we got to ride in.  All the cars have these cute faces, just like in the movie.
It was worth the smiles on the kids faces.
Here's a smile from one of the big kids.
Brad was such a good sport, squishing his over 6 foot tall frame into these tiny rides.
Here's a few of the smiles that made it all worthwhile.

When a leprechaun came by...

We are now on Spring Break here in Vancouver.   My family is currently down at "The Happiest Place on Earth".   I'll blog more about that later.   But seeing as we missed St Patricks Day at school, it was a big surprise when a leprechaun came by for a visit.   ( or so my students thought).  My student teacher actually had a lot to do with it.   I need to thank all the people whose ideas I used, but of course all that information is on my laptop (which got cracked on the trip down - more about that later too).  So I'm now learning to blog from my I pad.  
Anyway, the photo collage above shows the green footprints that the leprechaun left behind.   He apparently climbed out of the fire sprinkler on the ceiling.   So then the class all drew their plans for making a trap to catch this little guy.   They LOVED it.  .  

The photo collage above shows some of the shamrocks that the leprechaun left on the walls, and my smart board with lots of pictures of leprechaun traps off the Internet. Beside them you can see some of the traps that my class made. At the end of the day my class went to gym, so the leprechaun came by then knocked over all the traps and left green shamrock coins behind. I wonder how that happened???

Calendar Numbers - Freebie

I've just completed my first set of Calendar Numbers.  I really wanted a pastel coloured set for April.  And this year Easter Sunday is in April, so why not? 
To download my latest freebie please
Check out some of the images below.

I have so say, this year I'm a bit frustrated with the holiday situation.  I don't really have any time to start doing any holiday themed work right now as we are about to perform a musical on Wednesday which will kick off our school-wide Project Chef theme - I'll fill you in on all of that in a few weeks.  It's exciting!
But this is the last week before Spring Break.  So St. Patrick's Day is during Spring Break, and we come back to school after Easter is done.  So when should we cover these 2 holidays?   I'm at a bit of a loss right now.  So I made these numbers so I can at least have some Easter decor in my room in April.


Fairy Tale Language Arts

I am sooooooooo excited about this unit.
Many, many years ago, I developed this unit with a teaching colleague.
It's designed to work on higher level thinking skills.
We decided to use Fairy Tales as the framework as most children have some experience with these kind of stories.
This is the unit on the 3 Little Pigs.
I am super excited because I actually made all the visuals myself.
Yes, you heard me, I actually created the images all by myself.
I used My Digital Studio to do this.

Here's a quick look at some of the images.
Anyway, here's a summary of the unit itself.
This unit includes a full-color story which has very repetitive text, for beginning readers in First Grade.  The idea is to build the child's confidence and comprehension of what they are reading.  Each page has a lot of text, but most words are from the Dolch 100 pre-primer sight word list.  Included are a few worksheet activities to go along with this, and a Class Book activity which creates a  pattern book that they can all participate in making and they can all enjoy reading.  There is also a poetry activity, and a Student Book activity where each child can make their own pictures to go with the story and have their own little book to take home.
to download your own copy.
Check back here in the future.  I have plans to do several more fairy tales.
Thanks for stopping by today!


Cute, Adorable, Huge Doodle Frame Set!!!!!

Whew, I finally got ready my largest download yet.
There's over 100 frames in this set.
Here's another addition to my Brights Clip Art Set.
This time I created these adorable frames for you to use when creating
worksheets, flash cards, newsletters, display boards, and more.
All frames are available in both jpeg and png format.
There are over 50 designs and colours which means there are over 100 frames in this set.
Below you will find closeups of some, but not all of the styles in this set.
The images on this blog post have been shrunk, so the quality is not good. 
I assure you that the quality in the download is much, much higher.
To get this great set please
to go to my TPT store and get your own copy.


Currently and my Latest Creation...

Welcome to March.  I am so happy that Spring will be here soon.
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I've posted up a LOT of FREEBIES lately.
I know that some of you have just finished your break, but my March Break starts in 2 weeks!
And right now, life at home
and at work is,
 mean really
You know, right now
I have Report Cards Due,
A Student Teacher
A Musical with 75 student to perform in 2 weeks
Packing to take my family to California
(Yes, despite what my hubby believe, I pack for all 4 people in the family - even him)
blah, blah, blah
Filling out this form was very easy to do!
Hop over to Farley's blog and check out the linky party.
Here's my latest creation.
I'm kinda proud because I made some of the clip art myself.
But that cute little leprechaun comes from KPM Doodles.
You can check out her blog here.
Here's a few pages for you to preview.

You can download this off of my TPT store.
to download now.
And please, please, please, let me know what you think.
I have been working hard and have a ton of these kinds of units to post up over the next week or so.
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