Fairy Tale Language Arts

I am sooooooooo excited about this unit.
Many, many years ago, I developed this unit with a teaching colleague.
It's designed to work on higher level thinking skills.
We decided to use Fairy Tales as the framework as most children have some experience with these kind of stories.
This is the unit on the 3 Little Pigs.
I am super excited because I actually made all the visuals myself.
Yes, you heard me, I actually created the images all by myself.
I used My Digital Studio to do this.

Here's a quick look at some of the images.
Anyway, here's a summary of the unit itself.
This unit includes a full-color story which has very repetitive text, for beginning readers in First Grade.  The idea is to build the child's confidence and comprehension of what they are reading.  Each page has a lot of text, but most words are from the Dolch 100 pre-primer sight word list.  Included are a few worksheet activities to go along with this, and a Class Book activity which creates a  pattern book that they can all participate in making and they can all enjoy reading.  There is also a poetry activity, and a Student Book activity where each child can make their own pictures to go with the story and have their own little book to take home.
to download your own copy.
Check back here in the future.  I have plans to do several more fairy tales.
Thanks for stopping by today!

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