Hippity Hoppity Easter Fun!

I had great aspirations...
 Well, I had great  hopes...
Well, I started out with a fabulous idea, and just not enough time to finish it.  Sometimes life just gets in the way right? 
With the tragic demise of my computer last week, I have been struggling to finish up this Easter Unit for you.  I have managed to finish up most of the Language Arts and Math portions to this unit.  So I have prepared a mini unit which has lots of Language Arts activities, centres, and worksheets as well as some Math lessons and worksheets which are all created with Differentiated Learning in mind.
Some of my activities allow for each child to work at their own level using the same materials and activities as their classmates, and some of my activities provide several different copies of similar looking worksheets with each learner's ability in mind.  This way, although they will not be completing exactly the same worksheet as all their classmates, they will be completing an activity which appears the same.
I took some of my favourite lessons and ideas and "prettied them up" a bit.
These are all tried and tested by me in my over 20 years of teaching experience. 
 I will finish up this unit in the future and add lessons and/or activities in Science, Social Studies, Art, and Music.   And when I do, I will raise the price of this package.  BUT if you get it now for the basic price, which includes only the Math and Language Arts lessons, you will be able to download the complete unit for FREE with all the extras.   Currently it's 37 pages, but in the future it will be close to 100 pages.
to go to my TPT store and get your own copy!
Please, please, please, send me any feedback.  I would love to make sure that this package works for everyone.  I have used the American spelling for 'color' and if you would like it changed to the Canadian/ Australian/ British spelling, just drop me a line, or a comment on TPT and I will fix it up for you.

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