The Happiest Place On Earth!!

So it's Spring Break in Vancouver.     We're on our annual trip to Palm Springs and decided that this year we'd pop in and visit The land of Disney.
We tried to find an inexpensive place to stay, but Wow - did we find a dump.  Fortunately it was right across the street from Disney, and it had this funky 50's feel.  (probably because that's the last time anything was updated.)   I thought the courtyard was so kitschy that I had to share a photo with you.
Here we are in California Adventures.   I have a new personal record.    We waited in line for this ride for an hour and a half!   Here's a photo taken after 45 Minutes in line.  Disney has this Fast Pass system on its most popular rides, where you can scan your ticket and it will give you an hour window to come back and line up in a much shorter line.  The Cars Land (like the movie Cars) is a new attraction, and thus the most important attraction in the park at the moment.  So they had a separate Fast Pass line where you lined up and there was a person handing out the Fast Passes, not a machine.  Well, the lineup to GET a Fast Pass, was almost as long as the actual ride lineup, and this was 15 minutes after the park opened.  Besides, there was no guarantee that they wouldn't run out of passes before I got to the end of the line, so we just got in the line for the ride, without Fast Passes. 
And here's what we were waiting for.
These are the cute cars we got to ride in.  All the cars have these cute faces, just like in the movie.
It was worth the smiles on the kids faces.
Here's a smile from one of the big kids.
Brad was such a good sport, squishing his over 6 foot tall frame into these tiny rides.
Here's a few of the smiles that made it all worthwhile.

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  1. That looks like a lot of fun! The picture of your hotel totally looks like it was taken in the 50's. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First