When a leprechaun came by...

We are now on Spring Break here in Vancouver.   My family is currently down at "The Happiest Place on Earth".   I'll blog more about that later.   But seeing as we missed St Patricks Day at school, it was a big surprise when a leprechaun came by for a visit.   ( or so my students thought).  My student teacher actually had a lot to do with it.   I need to thank all the people whose ideas I used, but of course all that information is on my laptop (which got cracked on the trip down - more about that later too).  So I'm now learning to blog from my I pad.  
Anyway, the photo collage above shows the green footprints that the leprechaun left behind.   He apparently climbed out of the fire sprinkler on the ceiling.   So then the class all drew their plans for making a trap to catch this little guy.   They LOVED it.  .  

The photo collage above shows some of the shamrocks that the leprechaun left on the walls, and my smart board with lots of pictures of leprechaun traps off the Internet. Beside them you can see some of the traps that my class made. At the end of the day my class went to gym, so the leprechaun came by then knocked over all the traps and left green shamrock coins behind. I wonder how that happened???

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