My favourite parts of my classroom...

Well, two posts in one week is rare for me, and three posts is purely unbelievable right?
Well I've been inspired to join up with this week's

The idea is that you share your favourite 3 parts of your classroom.
So, given that my room is a complete mess at the moment, I had to spend a bit of time tidying before I could take photos.   My room is not perfect, it's not cute, but it's organized and it's comfortable.  A lot of learning goes on here, it's just not colour coordinated, pattern or theme based, or anything like that

Favourite Spot #1 - My teaching area

This is my absolute favourite part of my room.  Here we have my smart board which I use constantly.  Only 2 of 18 classrooms in my school have one of these, and I feel fully lucky to have one and I make sure I use it as much as I can.  Also in this picture is my laptop (my personal one) and my stereo from home that I use to teach music to 100 primary aged children once a week.   The final important thing in this photo is my purple sofa.  It looks brown in the photo, but believe me it's purple.  I bought that sofa before I met my husband and he hates it!   So when we moved into our current house, it got booted out of the living room and replaced with something more comfortable.  It's an apartment sized sofa, so perfect for a woman, but a bit small for a 6 foot 1 man.  So here it is.  So far the kids have not caused any damage - let's cross our fingers that it stays that way.   I often teach small groups on this carpet.  I sit on the sofa, or on the floor in front of it.  I put any materials I need up on the sofa, or beside me on the sofa.  I sit here to teach guided reading.  This truly is my favourite part of the room.

Favourite Spot #2 - My Book Nook

Here we have my second favourite part of the room.  This is my secondary teaching area because it's right in front of the white board.  I sit in the rocking chair when reading aloud to the class.  The special helper gets to use the rocking chair as well.  Behind the chair is one part of my class library.  This part has library books which I switch out each week, and two shelves of my novels for the more avid readers.  I also keep special books on the ledge so that the kids can read them after I have finished them.  Yesterday I read them the Lorax as you can see.  We're also working our way through the Mouse and the Motorcycle.

Favourite Spot #3 - Literacy Centres

So here we have my literacy centres.  We use them for Word Work when I do the Daily 5.  On the shelves are baskets of magnetic letters, a mini chalk desk from Fisher Price that I had as a child, small boxes of letter   and memory games, and then 4 tubs of centres that I have either made, or found on Teachers Pay Teachers. The top shelf has the Book Boxes for 2 of my reading groups (red and yellow groups)  We use them for Read to Self during the Daily 5.


  1. Hey! I have the exact same colour cats AND the same rocking chair. Too funny!
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