So I'm a little tardy...


I actually had this post up and ready 2 weeks ago, but then life got
 in the way.  I was waiting to give credit to the lovely person
who created this Earth Day pack that I got last year, but I finaly
decided to post this up and then hopefully I'll get my
@#$%@  (I mean stuff) together and remember to write down
the info and post it.  But for now, I hope you'll bear with me.

So here's my hallway bulletin board

I know that they're hard to read.  I'll try to scribe them for you lower
 down this post. Anyway,  here's the rest of my bulletin board. 
I have such a large class this year, that their work doesn't fit
 all on one bulletin board.  So I simply staple them to
the wall beside the bulletin board so that everyone's work get up.

This craft started by tracing a paper plate and then drawing their
impression of a globe in the circle Then they used acrylic paint to
paint green.    (I love how vibrant it is) Then they painted the blue
with acrylic paint.  Then they added some styrofoam peanuts to
make 'mountains'.  When it was all dry, they used the same
 acrylic green to paint  over the styroforam - it worked perfectly.

Then we did some writing.  (like I said above, I'll get the reference
 out soon, very soon)  Anyway, when they were done,
 they died a good copy and we posted it up. 

I also had taken their class photos for another project, and
decided to add the little paper mustaches afterwards. 
The kids thought they were hillarious.

Some of the ways my class would help the Lorax, include...

"I would never litter"
"I will save water"
"I will reuse paper"
"I will never chop down trees"
"I will always recycle"
"I will reduce some things that I can."


  1. Sandra I love your blog! So many awesome ideas! I've been browsing through past posts and getting so many great ideas! I'm your newest follower! :o)

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  2. Hi Sandra, I love the fun project you posted! I just found your blog, I'm your newest follower!

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  3. What a great project!! :)