Simply Smashing!!!!!

A few days ago, Teagan dragged out her scrapbook which Santa had brought.  It's a Hello Kitty Journal (Smashbook style).  It inspired Connor, so the 3 of us went shopping for a Smash Book for Connor.  And, I just couldn't help myself, so I got one for me too.
It's not so easy at first to simply let go and glue something down on the page.  But this is going to be an interesting journey for me because I think I may try something like this with my class next year.  I won't buy them expensive journals or anything like that, but with a blank notebook we might use this as a part of our writing process.   Anyway, so today we had a family day.  We went out for brunch and then bowling as it was rainy.
I pulled out my phone and took a few goofy pictures.  After editing them with Instagram, I added them to my Smash Book.  Fun right??   And super, duper, easy once I let go of my OCD scrapbook tendencies.  OK, so it's not "hang on my wall" perfect, but it's going to be a great memory from this summer.
Above is Connor's Smash Book.  He carefully pulled the stickers off the plastic cover and then taped them onto the chipboard cover using WashiTape.  Then he cut the plastic so that he can still reach his pen. (clever boy)  - sorry, more proud mama moments  :)
Here's a picture I took of him yesterday.  He cut it out and added it to his book.  I am offering absolutely NO guidance.  I want my kids to scrap their own ideas.  And I'm so happy with what he's doing.
He wanted to fill this page out so badly but didn't know what to write in his top ten.   After I suggested a few topics (favourite sports, favourite games etc...) he chose to do his top 10 colours.  Notice, he decided to add orange at the bottom, and changed it to 11 colours.
I gave him a few flower die cuts and a mini muffin cup liner, and he made this flower, sticking it together with a brad.  Then he decided to colour in the sky because he thought the flower wasn't standing out clearly enough against the background.
Here's Teagan.  I took this photo of her yesterday when she was working in her Smash Book. We're in my scrap room.  You can see my ink pads in the background.  I snapped the photo and quickly printed it out for her.  She took the photo and added it to this page.
And I thought I should share this page from a few months ago.  With Connor so excited about this, she has been caught up and is also very interested in adding to her book.  I figure this will be a great summer activity for the kids and I.

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