September Currently

Well it's been a busy, busy, busy summer. 
The weather in Vancouver has been fabulous most of the summer. 
Of course, the two periods of rain happened to fall during our two camping trips.
Well, we learned that the tent leaks, but if you're warm, you can sleep even if you're wet.
I start work again tomorrow.
I thought I'd give you a little photo recap of our summer.

We went to the beach a lot.  There's a cute little beach about 10 minutes from our house.
We sometimes met up with my girlfriend and her family, who have a canoe.

Just beautiful right???
I learned that my children can finally swim!!!!!
I mean across the pool without floaties or anything.
Here's Connor after Brad threw him in the air into the pool at my Sister-in-law's house.

Teagan can swim too!!!!

Next up was a family vacation to the Oakanagan - about 5 hour drive from Vancouver.
It was HOT, HOT, HOT.
And Brad doesn't do so well without air conditioning.
We stayed at a friend's cabin which was very RUSTIC.

We cooled down by doing a lot of swimming.

And the kids had fun playing with the water toys.
This is after sunset - around 8pm and it's still smoking hot outside.  Too hot to go to bed yet!

We spent Friday evenings in our neighbourhood square.
They have live music on Friday nights and the kids love to dance!!!!

Connor and Teagan went to lots of day camps, like Bike Camp, Soccer Camp, Hockey Camp...
These are their self portraits from Art Camp. 

Connor and I did some hiking.  This is about a 10 minute walk from our Front door.
See the suspension bridge on the left with all the crazy tourists on it??

We went to lots of waterparks. 
This one is the free waterslide at Granville Island! 
Sitting in the Lifeguard chair at the beach!!! 
My brother had his 10th anniversary party at the house that they got married in.
This photo doesn't do it justice - it's a beautiful house.
When you walked in the front door they had all these balloons.  Taped to each string was a photo.
The photos progressed in time over the past 10 years.
It's a really cool idea don't you think?
The first photos were of the wedding, then their travels, then baby #1, then baby #2, then baby #3...

We also saw some crazy accidents this summer.
This truck driver didn't lower his deck before he tried to leave the loading dock and took down the bridge over it.  The driver actually walked away from this accident unhurt. 
On our way camping, we got stuck in traffic for well over an hour as they tried to clear the highway from this accident.  I have no idea if the driver survived or not.

And finally, another shot of another trip to the waterslides. 
It was a fun summer!
Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. Hi Sandra,

    I loved looking at all your summer photos - I hope to visit Vancouver someday!

    I mentioned grocery shopping in my Currently, too.

    Have a great first day tomorrow!
    Learning in the Little Apple

  2. Vancouver looks incredible. I need to spend more time in Canada I think! I really want some new back to school clothes. I was a little disappointed in my first day outfit. Oh well...such is life!

    Simply Sixth Grade