Happy Halloween

This year I decided to decorate my fireplace, like I did at Christmas last year.
So the kids and I filled the firebox with pumpkins and haunted houses.
Look what I found at Home Sense last week.
Don't they remind you of the work of Dale Chihuly?
I really love this one above.
I got this blue one last year.  It has a light built in the bottom.
Here's a look at the display during the day.
And here it is at night.
I love the orange Christmas lights.
I've been collecting these pumpkins for my classroom for years.
Last year I brought them home.  My kids love them.
I hope that you and your families have a wonderful night.
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My Latest Unit on TPT


Here it is!!!
My latest unit on Teachers Pay Teachers.
This is a mini graphing unit.  It's good for early primary.
I have used these lessons with children from grades K to 2.
                            This unit is specifically designed to be for children in K to Third Grade.
  This unit is designed to introduce and review the standards around collecting data, sorting data, analyzing data and problem solving at the Grade 1 to 3 levels.
Specifically goals
2.MD.D.10, 1.MD.C.4, 3.MD.B.3
There are lots of visuals and cut and past activities as well as worksheets and class discussions.
My kids loved doing this unit.
Below are some photos of our group work.



New product on Teachers Pay Teachers

Introducing my latest unit on Teachers Pay Teachers. 
CLICK HERE to get it now!!!
In this unit there's centres activities with blackline masters for the children to record their work.
This one's about skip counting.

This one's about Fact Families

This one's about number sense.

And this one's all about Number formation.

And this one is all about number operations to 20.
 I'm just about to try these out with my own class.  I'll post pictures when I get them in the kids hands.
Just remember you can CLICK HERE to get your own copy.

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