How to Draw Spring

I found this cute little drawing tutorial over at Art for Kids Hub.
Hop on over and check out his site - he has some great videos and tutorials.

So we did this as a class directed drawing activity.  First I traced a small plate to make the circle for the umbrella.  This gives the kids a better sense of scale in their drawing.
Then after they drew their picture I gave them a sharpie and they traced over it.  I asked them to colour in their hair with the sharpie.  I showed the boys how to turn their person into a boy by adding pants and giving it a short haircut.




I told this little boy that it looks like his person is jumping.  
When they were done with the sharpies they painted it with liquid watercolours.  If you haven't tried them yet, you need to get some - the colours are so vivid!!!!

Here's one of my bulletin boards full of these little kids - so cute!

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  1. Sandra!

    These all turned out so awesome! We love all of them. It's so fun seeing this turned into a complete art project with a class. Thank you so much for sharing! Would you mind if I included an image on our site and linked to this post?

  2. Love this!! My students LOVE drawing and we don't have much time for it- this is such a great idea to incorporate art into the classroom- could even tie this in with a writing lesson or shapes for math. LOVE!

  3. I am adding this to my To Do list for spring! Thanks for sharing!