My Favorite F-Word

What's my favorite F-Word????   Take a guess?   It might be your favorite too.
Can't figure it out?  Well here it is...


Yup - free.  I don't know about you, but it always perks my ears up.

to get this great little activity.

This little freebie is perfect for the year end, like I am doing now, or a great kick-off to the year.
I did this lesson with my class recently, and I'd like to walk you through how I did it.

Because I teach a Grade One/ Two split, I needed to brainstorm with both groups.
Here's a view of the split screen on the Smart Board.

Next the kids did their own web on the Line Master in my packet.
I tried to show a variety of skill levels below.  I have a Grade One child who cannot write, so he drew in the bubbles and I scripted his words.  most of the kids copied ideas from the board, but some came up with their own ideas.


Then the kids did their own writing.  They took their brainstorm and wrote it out in full sentences using the line master in the packet.  After the kids assembled their own balloons, they decorated their writing and I mounted them on construction paper for display.

This one above is my non-writing Grade One.  He drew a picture and I scribed it for him.

This little girl wrote so much she needed two pages.

Here's a few closeups of some of the people.

I have added this to the linky party over at 4th Grade Frolics.

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