Bullied Enough!?!?

I started thinking about my job the other day.  I know it’s summer holidays but I am a teacher, after all, and we never really stop thinking about our jobs.  What started me thinking about all the stories I have to share was when rhis photo showed up in my facebook feed today. 

  It reminded me of what has been going on in my professional life these past few months, even though I haven’t been in the classroom since mid-June.   As I write this, I am on summer holidays, but 3 weeks before the end of the school year, last June, my union went on a full scale strike due to some horrific working conditions and some punitive measures imposed upon us as a union during our contract negotiations.  There is no end in sight as our employer, the government, is refusing to come to the table.  So we don’t know when we will be back in the classroom.  I had a huge panic about money and so I have been working on producing new products for my store, joining forums, group Pinterest boards, posting on facebook and twitter – etc, etc, etc.   So my plan is that starting next week I will be sharing stories from my career.  There are a lot of them.  Some are really tragic, and some are really funny and I hope that comes across when I write.  You see I’m not much of a writer, and this is really tough, but if I humanize my blog a bit, with some stories, then maybe more readers will stop by for a visit.  If you met me in real life you’d realize I have no problem talking about my job, so now I’m going to sit down and write about it.  Please check back soon for more stories – or follow me on bloglovin’ or facebook – you can find my link above.

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I've been busy...

I've been pretty busy this month putting together some new products for TPT.  I'll post them up over the next few days - but here's a look at my fairy tale group. 

I have been using these units with Grade One's for years.  It also works really well with slower Grade Two students.  The children really enjoy these units because they involve activities which boost confidence and increase the child's sight word bank.

 This set is specifically designed to build sight words with beginning readers.  Each unit has a full-color story book and accompanying worksheets and activities to further exposure to the sight words and increase the students knowledge.  Click on the photos to go check them out.

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I'm throwing a SALE!!!!!

I'm throwing a sale!!!!!
Everything is 20% off until July 12th.

Check out two of my latest Language Arts Units
Super easy to prep and great for K/1.
Also - very very cute!

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Flip Flap Book - Where I Live - American and Canadian Version and a big SALE!


After a lot of hard work I am really proud to announce the release of my next item on Teacher's Pay Teachers.  This little flip flap book is an excellent project for teaching Social Studies, Mapping, and Writing.
The Common Core standards which apply are included too.

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This is a project which I have used for years.  Included in this item is a suggested bulletin board idea which allows the children to show off some dramatic creativity and is a popular board for others in the school to read.  Included in this are flags and maps for every state or province for you to personalize.  Plus, there are also details on how you can create your own cute map of your own county, town or neighbourhood.

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July Currently

It's July 1 and so that means it's time for Currently over at Farely's blog
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It's been pretty hot this past month here in Vancouver.  Hotter than we're used to, this time of year, and it looks like the summer is going to be a scorcher.  So I'm so very happy we installed a heat pump a few years back.  Air conditioning is such a luxury in this part of the world.

Anyway, as far as my currently above, we've been really stressed out that my 80-ish aged Dad was going in for surgery last week, but it went well, and I think he's just thrilled to be alive!  We've been visiting him in the hospital every day and looking forward to him coming home tomorrow.

I'm thinking and worrying about my current job situation.  We're currently on summer holidays, but yesterday the deadline passed for the government's offer and now it looks like we might not be back at work anytime soon.  (ie; - not until October at least).  Living in the most expensive city in Canada, means that we depend on our incomes, and the fact that I'm married to a teacher, makes this uncertainty doubly scary.  But we'll see what happens right?

So due to the stresses above, I could really use a visit to the spa but for today, perhaps a bubble bath with a glass of wine will do - I have air conditioning after all right?

Today is July 1 - which is Canada Day.  We went tot the parade this morning, just came back from a family BBQ at my Aunt's and are planning to go visit my Dad in the hospital this evening.   July 4th is my Dad's 82nd birthday, so we will be having dinner with him hopefully!

Hope your July starts off great !