Hi everyone,

There's no Math on Monday post today - sorry, but it will be back and up in 2 weeks.  Right now I am, not only, concentrating on starting up my new year, but I have a little surprise coming up. We only started back at school last Monday, and last Friday afternoon is when I met my new students.  So the next few weeks are going to be crazy busy for me.


This past month has been totally exciting for me and I've hit some big milestones.   This past week my blog passed 100,000 views, my pinterest account went over 300 followers, and my Teachers Pay Teachers store went over 400 followers.  So I'd like to reward those of you who already a follower, and add an incentive to those of you who might want to be a new follower.  I am heading up a huge giveaway of Teacher Pay Teachers products.  It will be announced on Friday.  There's over 20 free products from various TPT stores for the winner.  Stay tuned as I'll have the Rafflecopter link up on friday.  

thanks for stopping by, and see you back on friday!

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