Math on Mondays and a first day back - yipeeee!

Here's another look back at my old series Math on Mondays.  Today in British Columbia we are going back to work after a bitter and long teachers' strike.  Today is the first day of school after 14 weeks off.  I am sooooo excited to see my kidlets again.

Now it's time again for Math on Mondays!  10 frames are soooooo useful.  This week we were working on 10 frames and number concept.  I really want my students to be able to visualize those 10 frames in their heads.  It will make addition and subtraction with 2 digit numbers so much easier to learn.  So we were working as a group and I was flashing up the 10 frames with the candy corn  - see last week's post.  But I realized that some of the children were getting bored and not focused on what they were doing.  Something I learned from all my years of teaching Kindergarten, was that you can turn simple lessons into a simple game and the students LOVE it!  It doesn't even need to make much sense to you as an adult, just turn it into a game and the kids love it.  So I decided, on the spur of the moment, to turn this activity into a game.

I partnered them all up and gave each child a 10 frame, some bingo chips and a stack of 10 frame cards - you can see them in the middle of the photo above.

 Then one child turned over the top card and placed it in the middle.  They then raced against each other to fill their 10 frame to match the card.  Once they were done they stood up.  The first one to stand up got a point.

I also told them to let the youngest start with the cards first to prevent arguments over who started.

As you can see in the photo above, this works with groups of 3 as well.

I let them play for 5 or 10 minutes, until they got bored. 

Nobody kept score and no one really knew who won, but it was fun, and they practiced number sense.  Super easy and really fun!

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  1. You are so right about making things a game- my kids love competing,

    Congratulations about being back to work. I went through a 5 day strike last year and it was tough. I can't imagine one as long as yours!