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I have a new unit for sale.  It's a great unit for learning Science while building Critical Thinking skills.  Check out the details in the image below! 

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I'm featured over at Go Figure today!
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Halloween Linky Party

 I'm joining in a Hallween Linky party.  You can enter one paid and one free product.

Here's my paid product - it's my top seller.

And here's my freebie

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Linky Party and a Freebie

 I'm pulling out an oldie but a goodie - this project is my initial freebie over at Teacher's Pay Teachers.  I'm joining up with the Fall Freebie linky over at Primary Inspiration.

for the Canadian Spelling of Colour

for the American Spelling of Color

It's perfect for Primary Students - especially beginning readers.

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And my sale is still on until the end of today!


We have a WINNER and a HUGE SALE!!!

Big Sale Starts today at my Teacher's Pay Teachers Store!

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We have a winner of the HUGE FALL GIVEAWAY!!!

Antoinette M.


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Oh I am soooooooooooooo excited.  The fall giveaway continues today.
25 fantastic Teachers Pay Teachers sellers are sharing 25 fabulous products geared towards primary grades.  There's a tons of wonderful stuff here.  I am so thankful to all of these stores for sharing with us.  Here's the deal.  Follow my store, my facebook page, my twitter and my pinterest to get extra entries and more chances to win.  You can scroll down for more information, and every day this week I will be featuring a few products that you could win.  So please join us in the fun!

Here are the links:

So how about some information about all these fantastic products?

First up, this cute product from Kelly and Kim
“Gobbling Up Beginning Sounds” is an adorable beginning sound to letter matching activity that will be fun for your students to complete during your Thanksgiving, turkeys, harvest, or fall learning units. Students will identify the beginning sound of the picture circles and then they will match each picture to the correct letter shown on each turkey’s top feather. This beginning sounds center activity will help your students practice identifying beginning sounds of words, identifying their alphabet letters, and also enhancing their vocabulary retrieval of each clipart picture shown.
Your students will love this activity and it works well as a whole group activity, a small group activity, a partner activity, or an independent center. Bonus: Three individual assessments are also included in this activity pack!
Blog: http://kellyandkimskindergarten.blogspot.com
TpT: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Kelly-And-Kims-Kreations
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KellyandKimsKreations
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/kellyandkimskre
Instagram: http://instagram.com/kellyandkimskreations

Next, this cute product from Natalie
The “Hallowe’en Journal Prompts” package contains 25 writing prompts that you can use to support the development of your students’ writing skills. 

Whether you are currently using journals on a regular basis or choose to create a Hallowe’en Journal, use these writing prompts to promote writing in your classroom. The writing prompts encourage students to further develop their informative, narrative, and opinion writing skills in an informal way. 

Provide students with the same journal prompt or offer students choice in the prompt they use. Each prompt contains two or three questions that provide students direction with their writing.

Along with the writing prompts, colour and black and white templates for creating Hallowe’en Journals are included.

Here's a great one from Michelle
For each page, students will find the sum in each box. Once they have the sum, they will color the box to match the number given above. Once they have colored all of the boxes, they will reveal a fall or Halloween picture!
There are 9 different pictures: one picture for each fact (+1, +2, etc.)
The pictures include: candy corn, black cat, apple, fall tree, Frankenstein, jack-o'-lantern, scarecrow, fall corn, and a barn and silo (see preview for all pictures).
*NOTE: The jack-o'-lantern in this packet is the same in the Holidays packet, but the background color and the numbers have been changed.
The pages are provided in black and white, as well as a color version for the answers.


"Engage students in daily math centres with this Halloween-themed math journal! Over two weeks, students will practice addition, subtraction, grouping and writing numbers, all while counting down to All Hallows' Eve!
Finish the journal on Friday the 31st of October and students can enjoy not only the spoils of Halloween, but the satisfaction of finishing their journal!"
Here's a link to the product:
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Huge Fall giveaway - 2 days left to enter...

And the celebration continues - more information on the HUGE giveaway

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Oh I am soooooooooooooo excited.  Today is the start of our HUGE FALL GIVEAWAY.
25 fantastic Teachers Pay Teachers sellers are sharing 25 fabulous products geared towards primary grades.  There's a tons of wonderful stuff here.  I am so thankful to all of these stores for sharing with us.  Here's the deal.  Follow my store, my facebook page, my twitter and my pinterest to get extra entries and more chances to win.  You can scroll down for more information, and every day this week I will be featuring a few products that you could win.  So please join us in the fun!

Here are the links:

So how about some information about all these fantastic product.
Today I'm going to showcase four more fantastic sellers and their products.

Here's a cute one from Roisin
Here's a descriptor for it:
Make 10 with colorful Halloween math centers that include games, activities and worksheets! Explore ways to make 10 for Halloween, play 'how many more to make 10 Halloween hats', explore counting on and other activities, and a memory game. Game, activities and worksheets included in this pack!

And a great one from Autism Adventures
Use these clothespin centers to have your students practice math and fine motor skills at the same time! Simply print and laminate and students can pin the clothespin to the correct number answer. 3 sets (45 total cards) are included to help you differentiate for your students based on their current skill levels and goals. Included skills are "how many are there?" 1-10 with ten frames, "how many more do you need to make 10?" with ten frames, and adding 5 frames for sums 1-10.

This one is from Becky:
It's ALL pumpkins! This Bundle of (6) Math and (6) Literacy Centers is ready to be picked. (55 pages)
Pumpkin Palooza Math and Literacy Bundle contains:
6 Literacy Activities (pages 3-28) 
- Word Family Dice Roll Game
- (24) ABC Order Cards: Fill in the missing letters 
- True or False (Fact or Opinion) 
- Pumpkin Syllable Count 
- ‘The Journey of My Pumpkin Seed’ Booklet(Pumpkin Life Cycle) 
- ‘My Pumpkin’ Booklet (an Adjective activity)
6 Math Activities (pages 29-55) 
- Number Order (Sequencing)
- ‘Counting the Seeds’ Addition Activity 
- Skip Counting (2’s, 5’s and 10’s) 
- ‘I Have, Who Has?’ Game (Sums up to 30) 
- ‘Pick-A-Pumpkin (cover a number) Game’ 
- ‘Even or Odd?’ Number Sort (up to 48) and Mats

And finally this handy pack from Angie
It's best for grades 3-6. 
With these 28 Common Core and TEK Aligned task cards, you'll not only build your students' vocabulary skills, but you'll see the excitement as the children use a mobile device to instantly check their answers. Students read a sentence with an underlined word and then choose the correct meaning (3 choices are given), using the context clues.
This download includes the following:
**28 Context Clues Task Cards with QR Codes
**Student Response Sheet
**Answer Key


Halloween Linky Party


I'm joining up another Linky Party
This one is for one paid, and one free product for Halloween

Here's my paid product - it's my top seller these days!

And here's a cute freebie

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Fall Giveaway Continues

The giveaway continues.
Scroll down for more info on what you could win.

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Here are the links:

Here's a product from Jessica
Practice matching numbers in different forms!

Are you looking for a fun fall center for your students to practice number sense? This Candy Corn Match is a simple center with 3 different options for differentiation. Students practice matching the different numbers in written, ten frame, and dice form. Students can match numbers 1-10, 11-20, or all of the numbers 1-20 depending on their ability. 
This pack includes: 
•20 Candy corn pieces with 3 parts each
•2 Response pages for students

Here's a cut product from Allison
This 1st Grade Common Core Aligned Halloween/October Activity Packet includes the following activities:

* Four in a Row Place Value Bingo
* Greater than, Less than, or Equal to (D)
* How Many Bats Are There? (D)
* Addition/Subtraction Fact Fluency (D)
* Halloween Story Problems (D)
* Halloween Measurement Activities
* Analog Clock Bingo ( time to the hour)
One unique aspect of this packet is that you will find differentiated activities for most pages. The activities look the same but have different levels of difficulty embedded. This way your students will not realize they are receiving different activities! The key is as follows: 
D1: For students needing extra reinforcement, struggling a bit to grasp the concepts
D2: For average students, ones that often slip through the cracks because they’re not too needy and don’t need as much enrichment 
D3: For students needing enrichment 

Here's one from Kathryn
 and her description....
 There are twenty-six worksheets included in this product. Students will practice letter identification while coloring each gum ball that has the letter of the day. Then they will trace and write the letter. 

Here's a great product from Jan
Description of Product:
Reinforce your students' math skills and celebrate the season at the same time with these Spooktacular Halloween Math Activities for grades 3-5! The five activities are Halloween themed, and are perfect for math centers or seat work.     The download includes:
Pumpkin Multiplication Roll
Halloween Themed Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping
Trick or Treat Bar Graph and Bar Graph Interpretation
Spending Money at the Potion and Brew Shop (printable and 8 activity cards)
Zombie Party Place Value (8 activity cards)
Student and Teacher Answer Sheets
Die Printable


More Fall Fun

If you want to participate in the giveaway

scroll down for more deails too.

Here are more featured products and sellers that you can win. 

Don't forget, you get more entries if you follow me at

First up is this great unit from Jennifer
Here is her description:
This mini-unit provides you with enough literacy activities to fill the short Thanksgiving week. Included are:
- an original non-fiction passage with text features
- three close reading activities
- writing pages
- story cards
- a vocabulary booklet. 
Partner one close reading exercise each day with either the writing, story card, or vocabulary activity and planning for your language arts classes is done! 
 A direct link to the item is here:

Here is a great product from Laura
 Here is the description: 
Celebrate fall with this kindergarten fall literacy and math packet! It contains no prep activities that you can just print and go! This packet is great for morning work, homework, and centers. Skills that are practiced in this packet are for the beginning of the year. 
TPT Store: iHeart Teaching

Here's a great product from Morgan
Description of my product:
This Fall-themed pattern mini-unit is aligned with CSCOPE and Kindergarten TEKS. This mini-unit includes:
-a pattern worksheet that students extend and write the name
of the pattern {K.5, K.6A, K.7B, K.14A}
-a pattern worksheet that uses ordinal positions and positional 
language {K.2A,B; K.7A,B; K.14A}
-3 stations {K.5, K.6A, K.7B, K.14A}
* a puzzle match where students make a pattern then match
it to the appropriate pattern name
* a core pattern puzzle students put together then use 
additional manipulatives to extend the pattern
* a pattern board where students can make a pattern then 
write the name of the pattern they made
-a page for students to write about patterns {K.5}

And finally this product from Lori

The fun continues...


The fun continues with the Huge Fall Giveaway.

Here are more featured products and sellers that you can win. 

Don't forget, you get more entries if you follow me at

First up is this adorable product from Donna
Here's what she says about her product.

October Themed QR Codes for your Listening Station. Students love Technology and these QR Codes are easy and fun for students to use.  This set includes 2 differentiated student response sheets for each story. QR Codes are an excellent way to enhance your Daily 5, literacy station and reading centers.  They are excellent for special needs students, use as a reward for students who complete work or show improvements or just as part of your daily literacy center.

Next up is Bonnie.
Here's her description.
This is a set of Fall color pictures with 6 task cards with questions for each picture.  To save ink I would suggest either putting the picture on your computer from the activity or projecting it up onto your whiteboard.  This would be perfect in a Literacy center for a small group. 

Next we have this great word wall from Carley and Anette
This product contains 40 vocabulary words associated with the celebration of Halloween. These can be displayed around the classroom or used as story writing prompts. These words can also be used to start discussions, for spelling activities and as drill flash cards to improve vocabulary.

And finally these 2 cute products from Carmen

Cinderhazel Book Unit.
A picture book unit that can be read for fun, or to enhance a comparing fairytale unit. Includes retelling, writing, and drawing activities. Can be used for multiple grades depending on the activities you choose to do.
Little Monsters word Problems
Multiple practice activities for double digit addition. Made for second graders, but could be used as review for any grade. There is a 20 question scoot game and 2 practice quiz type practice pages. 


Huge Fall Giveaway continues


The fun continues with the Huge Fall Giveaway.

Here are more featured products and sellers that you can win. 

Don't forget, you get more entries if you follow me at

So on to the featured sellers.

First up is Margaux
Here's what she has to say.
This product has been designed with a Fall theme.  It is the perfect addition to your phonics centers. 
Each R – Blend, namely br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr and tr, has its own sound identification mat, offered in color and black and white.  The mats contain many R-Blend pictures as well as pictures beginning with the same letter as the desired blend.  For example, on the br mat there are also pictures beginning with a b.
Please note, this product is offered in a non-seasonal theme as well, which can be used throughout the year.

This cute product is from Carol
Here's her description:
Get ready for pumpkins!  This is a brand new, just listed mini integrated pumpkin unit that includes a 14 page half sheet book about a pumpkin life cycle.  To go along with this there is a pumpkin circle map and a tree map.  There are vocabulary cards to display as you're working on the unit- these are also perfect for a writing center.  There are two labeling activities.  One labeling is for the life cycle of a pumpkin and one is the inside of a pumpkin.   For those of you doing Interactive Notebooks, there is a shutter book page for your students to use.  There are two math activities- one using pumpkin pie playdough.  A pumpkin playdough recipe is included.  Rounding out this unit is a short vowel L blend and R blend playdough activity.  This unit is 66 pages of pumpkins!

and here's other links of Carols.

Next up is Christina,
Here's what she says about her product.
Do your students struggle to read and write those tricky words that I call rule breakers? If so, then the Word Jail is just what you need to add to your Word Wall.  When you add those tricky words to the word wall, add them to the Word Jail too, so your students have another spot to find them when trying to spell. I make a big production of adding to the jail and it really seems to appeal to the kids and help them to remember where to find them when spelling.   It also makes it easier to practice these words as often as possible as they are isolated in their own special spot. 

And finally we have Judy.  Here's what she says about her product.
Roam the Room Batty Place Value Tens and Ones

This is a roam the room activity that reinforces representing two digit numbers in different forms; base ten, standard form, expanded form, and number word. It also provides practice with rounding, ten less than a number, and ten more. It is perfect for use as a math station. You can choose to print the Batty base ten cards in color or black/ gray/ white. There are five different recording sheets to choose from, depending on the skills you want your students to practice.