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Oh I am soooooooooooooo excited.  Today is the start of our HUGE FALL GIVEAWAY.
25 fantastic Teachers Pay Teachers sellers are sharing 25 fabulous products geared towards primary grades.  There's a tons of wonderful stuff here.  I am so thankful to all of these stores for sharing with us.  Here's the deal.  Follow my store, my facebook page, my twitter and my pinterest to get extra entries and more chances to win.  You can scroll down for more information, and every day this week I will be featuring a few products that you could win.  So please join us in the fun!

Here are the links:

So how about some information about all these fantastic product.
Today I'm going to showcase four more fantastic sellers and their products.

Here's a cute one from Roisin
Here's a descriptor for it:
Make 10 with colorful Halloween math centers that include games, activities and worksheets! Explore ways to make 10 for Halloween, play 'how many more to make 10 Halloween hats', explore counting on and other activities, and a memory game. Game, activities and worksheets included in this pack!

And a great one from Autism Adventures
Use these clothespin centers to have your students practice math and fine motor skills at the same time! Simply print and laminate and students can pin the clothespin to the correct number answer. 3 sets (45 total cards) are included to help you differentiate for your students based on their current skill levels and goals. Included skills are "how many are there?" 1-10 with ten frames, "how many more do you need to make 10?" with ten frames, and adding 5 frames for sums 1-10.

This one is from Becky:
It's ALL pumpkins! This Bundle of (6) Math and (6) Literacy Centers is ready to be picked. (55 pages)
Pumpkin Palooza Math and Literacy Bundle contains:
6 Literacy Activities (pages 3-28) 
- Word Family Dice Roll Game
- (24) ABC Order Cards: Fill in the missing letters 
- True or False (Fact or Opinion) 
- Pumpkin Syllable Count 
- ‘The Journey of My Pumpkin Seed’ Booklet(Pumpkin Life Cycle) 
- ‘My Pumpkin’ Booklet (an Adjective activity)
6 Math Activities (pages 29-55) 
- Number Order (Sequencing)
- ‘Counting the Seeds’ Addition Activity 
- Skip Counting (2’s, 5’s and 10’s) 
- ‘I Have, Who Has?’ Game (Sums up to 30) 
- ‘Pick-A-Pumpkin (cover a number) Game’ 
- ‘Even or Odd?’ Number Sort (up to 48) and Mats

And finally this handy pack from Angie
It's best for grades 3-6. 
With these 28 Common Core and TEK Aligned task cards, you'll not only build your students' vocabulary skills, but you'll see the excitement as the children use a mobile device to instantly check their answers. Students read a sentence with an underlined word and then choose the correct meaning (3 choices are given), using the context clues.
This download includes the following:
**28 Context Clues Task Cards with QR Codes
**Student Response Sheet
**Answer Key

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