Huge Fall Giveaway continues


The fun continues with the Huge Fall Giveaway.

Here are more featured products and sellers that you can win. 

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So on to the featured sellers.

First up is Margaux
Here's what she has to say.
This product has been designed with a Fall theme.  It is the perfect addition to your phonics centers. 
Each R – Blend, namely br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr and tr, has its own sound identification mat, offered in color and black and white.  The mats contain many R-Blend pictures as well as pictures beginning with the same letter as the desired blend.  For example, on the br mat there are also pictures beginning with a b.
Please note, this product is offered in a non-seasonal theme as well, which can be used throughout the year.

This cute product is from Carol
Here's her description:
Get ready for pumpkins!  This is a brand new, just listed mini integrated pumpkin unit that includes a 14 page half sheet book about a pumpkin life cycle.  To go along with this there is a pumpkin circle map and a tree map.  There are vocabulary cards to display as you're working on the unit- these are also perfect for a writing center.  There are two labeling activities.  One labeling is for the life cycle of a pumpkin and one is the inside of a pumpkin.   For those of you doing Interactive Notebooks, there is a shutter book page for your students to use.  There are two math activities- one using pumpkin pie playdough.  A pumpkin playdough recipe is included.  Rounding out this unit is a short vowel L blend and R blend playdough activity.  This unit is 66 pages of pumpkins!

and here's other links of Carols.

Next up is Christina,
Here's what she says about her product.
Do your students struggle to read and write those tricky words that I call rule breakers? If so, then the Word Jail is just what you need to add to your Word Wall.  When you add those tricky words to the word wall, add them to the Word Jail too, so your students have another spot to find them when trying to spell. I make a big production of adding to the jail and it really seems to appeal to the kids and help them to remember where to find them when spelling.   It also makes it easier to practice these words as often as possible as they are isolated in their own special spot. 

And finally we have Judy.  Here's what she says about her product.
Roam the Room Batty Place Value Tens and Ones

This is a roam the room activity that reinforces representing two digit numbers in different forms; base ten, standard form, expanded form, and number word. It also provides practice with rounding, ten less than a number, and ten more. It is perfect for use as a math station. You can choose to print the Batty base ten cards in color or black/ gray/ white. There are five different recording sheets to choose from, depending on the skills you want your students to practice.  

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