Cats - A Science and Critical Thinking Unit

Here it is, my latest product.

This is a Life Science Unit which incorporates the concepts behind the Knowledge Framework.  It's an excellent way to build vocabulary and work on critical thinking skills.

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This is a Science unit about cats which is designed to build Critical Thinking skills for all learners, and to work on increasing language and vocabulary, especially with ELL learners.  This unit involves minimal prep and tons of blackline masters.  In this unit there are tons of cut and paste activities, sorting and classifying activities, tallies, full color and black and white versions for the teachers, mini books, tons of images of cats and resources for the teacher.

The unit is built on the principles of Mohan’s Knowledge Framework which is divided into six areas:

.        DESCRIPTION - In order to fully understand what you are studying the students need to know all the proper vocabulary to describe their thinking.  This set of lessons is designed to assess the students’ knowledge and ensure that they have the essential vocabulary to learn about the topic.

      SEQUENCE - When learning about sequence, the students are building their knowledge about the logical order of things.  They are also building on the vocabulary involved like the words “first, then, next after, last...”  Being able to organize information into a logical sequence is a higher level thinking skill.

CHOICE - Making a choice, or a decision is a very difficult skill for some people.  Working on
this skill is an important step in critical thinking development. 

CLASSIFICATION - Being able to sort and classify objects into categories is an important critical thinking skill. 

      PRINCIPLES - Principles are a series of steps created to achieve a goal.  In this lesson the students can follow the steps to create a drawing of a cat.  Being able to follow directions in a set order is an important higher-level thinking skill.

          EVALUATION – this is a skill for the students, not for the teacher.  This type of lesson could be used for the teacher’s assessment, but it is initially for building up the skill of evaluating for the child.  Evaluation is when the students take all the skills and knowledge that they have learned and put it all together.  This is how they synthesize their knowledge.

So that's it.
I hope you enjoy it.  I can't wait to try it out now that I've "prettied it up".

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