Super Cute and Super Quick Santas


 Here's a super cute, and easy to prep activity for the last week of school this December.   My Grade two  class were able to do the coloring, cutting and gluing activities very easily, and I twisted the arms and legs for them.  It would be an easier activity with older students. 

And just look at them.  Aren't they adorable?
I just couldn't resist taking a few closeups.


to get the template and step-by-step instructions at
Remember, it's in Hungarian, so click on the British flag on the upper right hand corner to translate the site to English.

When I was prepping for this post, I started thinking about all the little personalities that shine through with each individual Santa.   Maybe I'm going crazy because of how high and excited all the students are every day.   They can sense the anticipation and are ready for the holidays.  So if you'll bear with me here,  I'm feeling a bit giddy, and silly.  Perhaps its the holiday cheer I partook of last night at the staff Christmas party!??!  

    Surprised Santa????
Yeah, I know, they're all surprised.  This one just seems particularly so.

Angry Surprised Santa?
(aka Stunned Santa)
I'm not sure why, maybe it's because of the particular child that made this one, but he looks a bit angry to me.  Maybe he's angry because his ears were chopped off?

Dandy Santa!  
(aka Santa Dandy)
This one took extra time to curl that beard this morning.
And he even applied extra color to his ruby lips.

Too Much Holiday Cheer Santa.
Check out that red nose!  
And my goodness, Santa is looking a bit pale here.  Perhaps his Christmas party was as fun as mine was last night.  Even the photo is out of focus for a touch of extra artistic flair.  And his beard is a bit scrunched.  Maybe Santa tripped and fell on his face?

Embarassed Santa.
(aka Red Faced Elf)
This ones a bit red in the face.  Did someone find him 
"kissing Mommy underneath the mistletoe last night?"

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