Drawing Snowy Owls


This is a female Snowy Owl.

This is a male snowy owl

Here are the owls we drew as a class.
First the kids drew the owl in pencil - there are instructions at the bottom of this post.
Then they traced the image with a sharpie.
Next they used crayons to add a bit of color.
If you look closely at the images below you can tell males from the females.
Finally the kids painted with liquid watercolors.
I think they are quite striking - don't you?

Here are the step-by-step instructions.

1.  First I traced a circle shape on the page in order to help the kids with drawing the owl to fill the entire page.

2.  Next I showed the kids how to draw the body.

3. Then draw the top of the wings.

4. Then draw the scallops for the bottom of the wings.

5. Next draw the sides of the tail-feathers.

6. Then fill in the rest of the tail-feathers.

7.  Then draw the bottom of the feathers.

8, Next draw the top arches of the face.

9. Then draw the pupils

10.  Next finish the eyes and add the beak.

VOILA!  You're done!

This lesson is a great activity to accompany my unit on Birds.

to get your own copy.

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