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St. Patrick's Day Unit now available!

I have revamped my St. Patrick's Day unit.

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My original freebie is still available

I've included the full-colour class book in my new unit,
a blackline master version for your students
tons of activities for ELL.

making words,
word wall cards
brainstorming circle
brainstorming web
3 types of lined paper
a word search
a class book
and activities to accompany the class book.

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I can't wait to get started on this with my class next week.

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Learning about the Color Wheel

Aren't these flowers cute? 
They were motivated by my need to clean up all of my leftover scrapbooking paper.
I have thousands of sheets left over from my days as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.

Over Christmas I cleaned out my crafting room and took a ton of supplies to school.
We've been working on the elements of art and I came up with this quick idea to decorate the bulletin board.  I know you people out on the East coast of North America have been completely snowed under recently, but here on the West Coast spring is definitely here.  My bulbs are sprouting in my garden.

So here's how these worked.  I got the kids to paint up some white paper with the 6 colors - Primary and Secondary colors.   When it was dry I cut them into triangles and had the kids trim the tops to make petal shapes.  Then they glued them on to a small white circle like spokes on to a small wheel.
Then I gave them triangles of scrapbooking paper and showed them how I wanted the scrapbooking paper to work like tertiary colors.  So I explained that they needed to place the scrapbooking paper between the plain colored petals.  For example, in the image below, the petal with the yellow and orange printed flowers would naturally go between the orange and the yellow petal.  The purple and white paper would go between the purple (sorry it looks blue here) and red petals.
Finally I gave them a circle tracer and a piece of green scrapbooking paper to glue over top of it all like the middle of the flower. 

And then I gave them all a long rectangle of brown paper to make a stem.  Then I gave them all a variety of green rectangles of scrapbooking paper and told them to cut of the corners, to get a leaf shape and attach them to the stem.  As you can see in the pictures below, some of them understood how to cut a curve, and others did not.


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Happy Valetine's Day 2015


I hope your day is great.  We have a party planned for today.
I just wanted to share with you all this fabulous bulletin board that my colleague put together last week.  You can click here to check out her blog with instructions.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Valentine Owl Bag


Totally cute right???
I whipped up this little creation today.
And it's available today in my store

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Super Simple Story Writing

It's taken me 3 years to put this product together, but I finally think it's ready to share.

This little program is an excellent way to teach story writing skills to Primary aged children.  And it doesn't even matter if they know how to write yet.  I have used this method with Kindergarten to Grade 2 students, and I know it would work well with Grade 3 or 4 students as well.
There are step-by-step instructions, and tons of blackline masters which are suitable for a wide variety of learners.  

to check it out in my store.  

Scroll down for a larger preview of what's included.


Rainbow Heart Art


So here are some cute and bright heart plaques we made.

I glued the popsicle sticks together with a glue gun first.
Then the kids painted them.  I really like the rainbow effect.
Then they glued down various little hearts I had.
The smaller ones I made with a punch, and the larger ones are foam stickers.
Super easy and really effective.


Chinese New Year - Everything You Need

I'm super excited to introduce my latest unit.
Everything you need to teach about Chinese New Year.

This is a comprehensive Social Studies Unit for Primary Students. Scroll down for detailed images of all the pages.  This unit contains tons of activities and lessons which are not only appropriate for Kindergarten students but can also be used with Upper Primary aged kids as well.
There's an ELA Language Arts section with
- 2 different informative mini books
- 2 different brainstorming blacklines
- Primary lined paper
- Chinese New Year Song/ Poem
- Making words activity
- 25 Word Wall vocabulary cards
- Writing pages for each of the 12 Zodiac animals so you can use it every year

There's a Social Studies section with
- informative writing passage
- show what you know blackline
- Venn diagram
- a 6 page mini book with instructions on how to write simple Chinese characters

There's a Chinese Zodiac section with
- 3 pages of information about people born under each sign of the zodiac
- 2 full color zodiac wheel posters
- 2 black and white versions - one with the names left out for the kids to write in their own words
- 2 different Chinese Zodiac cut and paste puzzles - one with the names included on the wheel for younger children, and one blank one to challenge older students.

There's a Chinese Math section with
- a page on how to write chinese numbers
- another worksheet with blanks for the kids to practice writing the numbers
- a number operations worksheet with Chinese characters
- answer key
- a 12 page Chinese counting mini book

There's an Arts and Crafts section with
-instructions and blacklines for making
- a Chinese New Year Banner
- a Chinese New Year Dragon
- A Chinese Dragon puppet
- A Red Chinese Money Envelope

There is also a section with Coloring pages depicting vocabulary and events of Chinese New Year celebrations