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So I finally buckled down and figured out how to create visual plans.
Just click on the images to download.  Once you download them you can click on the links to get your own copies of what I'm working on this week.


Five For Friday March 27, 2015

Happy Friday everyone.  Today I am partaking in the Five for Friday linky over at Doodle Bugs Teaching.

Well it's always hard to go back to work after 2 weeks in  warm and relaxing place.
But, there's also nothing like the fresh, clean, and wet smell of home.
(wet because it rains a lot, clean because it rains a get my drift.)

This week at work was tiring, but there's always something comforting about getting back to the daily routine

This week we celebrated our 10th anniversary.  
I can't believe it's been 10 years.  This past 10 years have gone by the fastest of any 10 years of my life.  Where did it go?

We got married in Mexico during Spring Break.  Ironically this year was the first since we got married that our anniversary did NOT fall during our break.  But we had a fancy dinner last week in California and this week we went out for dinner as a family. 

This week we came back to school to find the garbage cans removed from our classrooms.
Yes, you heard that right - no garbage in the classroom.
There is garbage out in the hall, and recycling bins, and bins for organic waste.

And near the sinks we have bins just for paper towels.

It's all part of a new initiative coming down from the city.
I have an Earth Day post coming up soon that will have more information about this.

We continue to work on my Art Journal.  One of the concepts we worked on this week was VALUE.  Below you see the plates that the children mixed their paints with.

Here are a few of the kids pages.

to get your own copy of my Elements of Art Journal

Don't you love it when the kids spontaneously start doing something collectively?
I gave the kids some time to play with the math manipulatives this week with no instructions.  They started doing some interesting things.  I took a few photos to show you their work.  These kids were really proud of what they did and I can't begin to tell you the learning outcomes that were covered.  I  mean there was patterning, force and motion, puzzle solving, problem sovling, cooperative learning, structure building, and creativity at work to name a few.

We're doing some Spring poetry this week.  I'll blog about it in more detail next week.

That's it for now.
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Friendly Letter Writing lesson and a FREEBIE

Today I'd like to share with you a quick and easy writing lesson that is free from Tara West over at Little Minds at Work.   

Here's my little display out in front of my room.

It was a quick and easy lesson that I left out for a substitute to do for me when I was away one day.  I love how the kids colored their people so uniquely.  


Sorry there's not more info about the writing part of the lesson.  I didn't get very good photos.  But hop on over to Little Minds at Work

and check out Tara's detailed lesson.
and pick up her freebie.

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Fingerprint Spring Art


Aren't these adorable?

They are very easy to make.
You will need blue background paper and liquid tempera paint in the colors above.

Step 1 
Demonstrate how to dip a finger in brown paint and drag their finger down the page to make three tree trunks.  Try to make the middle one a bit thicker.  Add skinny branches.  Let dry

Step 2
Once the brown paint is dry.  Have the children paint the grass and the flower stalks.  Use the dragging the finger technique from step one.  I showed them how to lighten the green by dipping their finger in white paint and then green paint.  That's how the various shades of green were achieved in the grass above.  Let dry.

Step 3
Add the blossoms to the trees.   This time the children will dab in the paint and then dab the pain on the paper in a stamping motion (not a swiping motion like above).   I showed the kids how to make the lighter colored blossoms first.  They dipped their finger in the white paint first and then the pink to get variations on the color pink.  When they finished the light pink, I put it aside and they came back up and did the blossoms in the dark pink.

Step 4
You don't have to wait for the blossoms to dry to add the yellow flowers, but you can if you'd like.  Using their fingers again, the children make the flowers with a stamping motion again.

That's it!  Voila!   Easy Fingerprinting Spring Art

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Five for Friday LInky

So today is our last day in Palm Springs.  I have decided to take part in the Five for Friday linky party over at doodle bugs teaching.  Click here to hop on over and check it out.

So this week was NOT very school centered.  I've been working on some products that will be coming up soon, but otherwise, not much on the teaching front.
So I thought I'd share my five favourite things from our trip with you.

Next week is our 10th anniversary.  We go to Palm Springs and spend a week with my parents every Spring Break.  And every year, our anniversary falls during our trip, but this year, Spring Break was early.  So our actual 10 year anniversary is next week.  

Here we are dressed up and ready to go out.

So, considering that we have free babysitting while we're on our trip, we decided to celebrate by going to our favourite restaurant in Palm Springs - Spencer's.

It's not cheap - so it is definitely a special occasion restaurant for us.
BUT the FOOD is AMAZING.  We had crab cakes, and Rack of Lamb and Surf and Turf.
And they even brought us out a special desert for our anniversary. 

You can sit outside in this amazing tree-covered patio.  They have heaters for those cold desert nights, and air conditioning for those hot summer days, and it's outside with a fabulous roof of tree branches and fairy lights.  I leaned back and took a photo.

Plus a little bonus was that unknown to us, it was a special night featuring a selection designed by Cat Cora, and she was even there mingling.  I didn't get a good picture unfortunately.  I always get nervous around celebrities and my hands were shaking.

Going to Boomers was a lot of fun this year.  We haven't gone in a few years because we've started our trip at Disneyland and then driven over to Palm Springs, but this time we came straight here.  So although it's not anything like Disney, it was still a fun few hours of games.

My son loved the Bumper Boats

My daughter, the adrenaline junkie, loved the go karts. 

My son tried out the climbing wall.

And we tried out the mini golf.  My kids are getting much better every year.


Going down to the Salton Sea.  The craziest place I have ever seen.
You can get more details from my post here.

The Pool.

  The kids love swimming and would spend all day in there if they could.
I would love, love, love to get a pool at home.  But we really don't get enough hot sunny days to make it financially viable.  Anyway, the complex that my parents stay in has 19 swimming pools.  So there's one really close.

Spending time with family.  That's the most important part of our trip!

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