I Have A Secret Obsession


I have a secret obsession.
I don't know why, but I absolutely love post-apocalyptic plot lines.
Anything post-apocalyptic.
I'm talking natural disaters, alien invasions, zombie apocalypse - you name it, I LOVE IT.

My favourite TV show is the Walking Dead.

My favourite movie of recent times is District 9.

You understand?  It's not totally logical, but for some reason I just love this stuff.

So after 8 years of consistent visits to Palm Springs California, I was very surprised to find out that Southern California has it's own post apocalyptic town - well, more than a town, it's a whole area.

If you've been following my blog for a while  you've seen the photos from our annual March Break trip to Palm Springs.  Sometimes we go to LA for a few days, and we've made side trips to Vegas and Phoenix as well.

Well this year, we decided to check out something I've been very curious about for a while.

Did you know that California's largest lake is a man made, artificial lake close to the mexican border?

Here's my daughter.  We stopped by one of the old resort town on the lake.

I panned out a bit, and this is what the beach looks like.

Then I turned around - check out those abandoned structures.

That, my friends, is the roof of a completely destroyed vacation RV.

So why is this devestation happening in California now?

Check out the salt buildup on those pilings.  Do you think anything can actually live in that lake?

Here's what the water looks like now.

Not terribly inviting is it?

So here's the story.
Just South-East of Palm Springs there was a natural salt-basin.  The area had been filling with water, and draining naturally for hundred of years.  In the early 1900's there was some effort to irrigate the land around this salt basin to increase farming.  One day in the early 1900's the sides of a canal burst and it took 2 years for them to fix it.  During that time, the canal flooded down into the salt basin.  After 2 years there was enough water to create an entire lake.  This lake was developed into a recreational area that was at it's heyday in the 50's and 60's.  People filled the lake with fish stock.  Movie Stars and Rock stars partied there and enjoyed the water skiing, and fishing that abounded.  

So what happened???

Well, when people interfere with nature there are always consequences.

That lake was full of salt, and every year, as the rainwater fell down into the lake, it carried more and more salt (and pesticides from the local farms).  

Eventually all the fish died.

And the air began to stink with the stench of algae and death.

They tried stocking the lake with salt water fish stock, but the salt levels are now twice the level of the ocean.  So even these fish died.

In the 80's and 90's the water levels increased and all the lakside homes were flooded.

So people left. and now it's mostly abandoned.  There are still people there, but it's just so tragic and spooky, I don't understand why people stay.
Check out this photo below which explains the spookiness in great detail.

Creepy right?

Anyway, I got my fill of post apocalyptic thrills for a while.
The kids thought it was totally cool and creepy as well.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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