Quick and Easy Easter Basket.

Here's what we did today in my class.
It's a quick and easy Easter Basket.
First you need a square piece of construction paper.  
I used some 8 x 8 inch that we had in the stock room,   

I also need to apologize at the terrible quality of my photos.  I discovered later that there was a smudge on the lens of my iphone.  So all the photos have that mystic, soft focus look. - oops.

Anyway first I folded the paper in thirds and creased it.
Then I showed the kids how to use a crayon and a ruler to draw the lines like in the photo below.
And then I showed them how to cut on the lines, down to the fold.
Then I showed them how to cut the outer flaps into smaller strips like in the photo. 

It was super easy.  Then I got the kids to stick an easter sticker on the centre piece, like in the photo above.

Then I assembled the baskets using a stapler.
Check out the instructions in the photo below.

Once it was assembled, there were these pieces sticking up, like in the photo below.

So I trimmed them off, like in the photo above, and then I added the handle and voila!
Ready to find eggs tomorrow.

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  1. Well I have a project for next Easter, or anything else that requires a basket. I love simple creative ideas, since I can't/won't spend the time to learn the more complicated ones. I have found a lot of these simple activities at http://monthbymonth.scholastic.com/create.html. I can put my easy to do chicken from MBM into your easy to do basket...done!