SOIL - a Primary Science Unit


Phew!  It's finally done.
I'm totally excited to show you my latest unit.
It's part two of my three part Science pack on Air, Water, and Soil.

You can pick up SOIL, HERE.

You can pick up WATER, HERE.

and AIR will be in my store soon.

I'm totally excited to share with you my latest unit. This is part of my 3 unit set of properties of AIR, WATER and SOIL. This is a comprehensive Science unit on Soil aimed at Grade 2 students but also good for Grades 1 to 3.

This unit is designed to teach 
-properties of soil
-how and why soil is important to people
-nonfiction reading skills

This unit includes
-word wall words
-language arts lessons
-levelled reading passages
-comprehension questions and answer key
-levelled guided reading books
-class big book activity
-4 science experiment activities
-full color photo cards for sorting and classifying activities

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