The Bundle is HERE!!!!

I got it done - whew!  It was a huge process, but the entire packet is now done.
Introducing the bundle of my three Earth Science Units
Air, Water, and Soil


to check out the Bundle.

This is a wonderful set of science units, with ELA and critical thinking skills as well.

Three Huge packs in one bundle. Almost 100 pages in each unit.

Each unit is designed to teach 
-properties of air/water/or soil
-how and why it is important to people
-how people can conserve air/water/ or soil.
-nonfiction reading skills

Each unit includes
-a set of word wall words
-language arts lessons
-levelled reading passages
-comprehension questions and answer key
-levelled guided reading books
-class big book activity
-poetry lesson
-4 science experiment activities
- color and black and white posters
-full color photo cards for sorting and classifying activities

Check it out.

You can also buy each unit separately.

to check out AIR

to check out WATER

to check out SOIL

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