A look at my other hobby...

So I have another interest.  I mean addiction...
I love paper.  I mean I really, really, really love paper. 
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When I was a little girl my favourite place to go was the Hallmark store.  I loved stickers and pretty colours and all the cute little Hello Kitty pencils, pads and erasers that I could get from the Sanrio Store.  I have a room in my house dedicated to paper, I mean, ahem, card making and scrapbooking.  Let's call it my office.  In the past year it has become the place where I sit down and work endlessly on Teachers Pay Teachers products.  I haven't actually created anything out of paper since September.  So this week I decided to make some leaving cards for some of my colleagues.  For some reason we have a large turnover of staff this year, so I needed to make 7 cards.  Here are 3 of them. 

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