Father's Day is coming soon!

First, I must apologize for neglecting this poor blog lately.  I got horribly sick with a nasty, nasty head cold that turned into a chest infection.  I've never taken off so many sick days in a row before.  Add report cards to that mix, and I've been completely swamped.

But I'm baaaack!

Here's what we're doing in my class this week.   Father's day is next weekend so we have all week to work on my Father's Day Craftivity and Language Arts unit.

If you'd like to check it out

to learn more and get your own copy.

We will be making these cute paper dolls.
The kids will be able to personalize their doll to look like their Daddy.

This unit contains step by step instructions, templates for all variations of looks, and a complete writing activity with brainstorming and writing blacklines for many different levels.
This week we will be going through the steps to create a quality piece to send home to Dad.

So what about those kids who do not have contact with their Dad?
Well I let them choose.  If they want they can write about their Grandpa, their uncle, or their Mom.  I think it's important that these kids do not feel left out.

Here's a few pictures of my daughter and her friend testing out my templates.  They decided to make dolls that look like themselves, but you get the drift.  

Thanks again for stopping by today!

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