Makeover Madness

So I`m participating in the TPT Sellers Challenge which is a facebook group of TPT sellers who are trying to update their stores over the summer holidays.   Problem is, I`m not on summer holidays yet.  4 more teaching days to go...

Anyway, I finally sat down this weekend and did this week`s challenge.

This week we are challenged to makeover something in our store.
I chose to makeover my oldest and biggest selling product.  
It was my first product.  I posted it up in my store and it was immediately featured in the newsletter and more than 40,000 copies were downloaded - CRAZY I know.

I redid some of it last year.  The biggest complaint I got was that it didn`t have the American spelling for COLOUR.  So this time, the file not only contains ``COLOUR``,  but also contains ``COLOR``.

Check out the images below for more details.

Here`s the updated product preview.
There are 4 levels.  It`s perfect for Grade 1, but I have used it with K and with Grade 2 as well.

to get your own copy.

Thanks for popping by again today!


  1. I love how bright the new file is - those clip art leaves are adorable!

  2. Very cute! I like how you have Canadian and American in there :)

    Sparkling in Second

  3. Your original was cute but the new make-over has really made it into an eye catching product! I also love how you have the 2 different spellings- as a UK teacher, I have to watch out whenever I buy from TPT so it's so thoughtful of you to include both Xx

  4. This looks amazing! Very kid and teacher appealing!

  5. Great redo! The color really catches the eye. Inspiring!

  6. Wow! 40,000 copies is amazing! I love the new font choices too!

    The Super Sparkly Teacher