Where I've Been

So I've been super, super, busy.
I've been going back to my scrapbooking roots and working on some classroom decor products.
My hope is that one day I'll have a huge collection of them, but for now, I have 6 different pack done, which I'd like to share with you now.
These first two are ones with a lot of variety.   
or on the photos below, to go to my store and check them out. There are lots of details in the product descriptions to tell you all about what is included.  Plus, the preview files have great examples of every page.

This Dragonfly pack offers a more comic feel with outlined images and clip art and big bright colors
to check out this one.

And these final ones are not as comprehensive as the three above, BUT they offer editable files for you to cusomize for your own classroom.

or on the photos below
to check them all out.

thanks for stopping by today!

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