Well last week was a total DOOOZIE for me.  I have been horribly, horribly sick.  I didn't actually make it into school until Thursday, and then Friday was a professional day, so I only spent one day in the classroom this week.   So please forgive me, but I only have this little image to share with you about our math lesson this week.  We're using my unit Math with Playing Cards to work on number concept.  I wrote out all the spellings of number words for the kids and then demonstrated the worksheet on the SMART board.  Then the kids filled in their own worksheet.  separating the tens and ones was a bit of a challenge for them, so we'll be repeating this lesson on Monday.

Friday was a fun day!  As a staff we went up one of the local mountains to check out their educational programs.  I only live 10 minutes from the base of the mountain, so it was a super easy commute for me.  We did some snow shoeing, and then checked out the first nations program.  They have a HIWUS FEASTHOUSE which is a longhouse made from cedar trees.  We enjoyed stories from the local tribe members, and got to sample some local food.  I even got to dress up in  a cedar cape and headband which is what dancers wear.  We are planning to take our Grade 2 and 3 kids up here later in the school year, so stay tuned.

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