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OH I am TOTALY excited today.  I have been taking part of an amazing Swap Meet organized by some of my TPT friends.  There are tons of great bloggers involved.  And in the end, there is a fantastic giveaway with an awesome prize pack.Read down and find out how this works!

First we were paired up with another Primary Teacher.  I was paired up with Amber from First Grade Diva Creations.   I just love her store.  She has tons of amazing products.  We were supposed to choose one to try out in our classrooms and then review for this Swap Meet.  Well, let me tell you, it was really hard for me to pick just one of Amber's products.  She really has a lot of great stuff.

Anyway, considering the season, I decided on her huge October Bundle called 

Halloween Activities~ Math, Writing, Science, & Research

This product is so comprehensive and enormous!

to check it out on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I was thrilled when Amber agreed to let me take a peek and review it!
I tried it out in my classroom.  There's a Haunted House Glyph, a Writing Activity, a Place Value Game, and some detailed writing and number activities as well.  There's really too much to list here.  I really wanted to try out the Pumpkin Writing Research part of this bundle.  And let me tell you it was a great resource.    

To start off my review, we had a visit from the pumpkin fairies at my school...

Well, actually the pumpkins were delivered from a local pumpkin farm, and the parents put them out in the park down the street.  Fortunately we had a perfect day weather wise, and the kids had a lot of fun picking out a pumpkin.   After hauling their pumpkin back to school, they were pretty attached, and thus pretty motivated to learn about pumpkins.

So we learned about the life cycle, and did some research about them - all part of Amber's great October Bundle.

The actual lesson I wanted to highlight, from this pack, was one about Text Features.  I though Amber had a brilliant little activity and it was not only super easy to prep, but I found the perfect book to go along with it.

First off, I found this great non-fiction book by Rebecca Felix.

In Amber's unit there is a page which she recommends that you print out and laminate.  The original version is color, and thus, much more impressive, but I decided to print it out and photocopy it so each child had their own to keep.  I plan to use these again in another lesson in the future.  Amber recommends that each child has this page, with the list of Text Features and key visuals.  As you read through the text, the children can "pinch" the word of the text feature they find.  So we read the book as a class and we stopped each time so the kids could stop and "pinch" the name of the text feature that was on the list.   I think this lesson would be great to repeat every time you read aloud a non-fiction book so that it really reinforces the concepts for the kids.

Some examples from the text that we found were...

 Table of Contents 


Bold Print

And an Index

Then the kids did an activity in which they pretend to be a Text Feature Detective.
There's a cut and paste worksheet where they can pick out four of the text features they found in the text.  Then they write a sentence to tell how it built their schema.

Now on to the fun stuff for you!
There are 16 products up for grabs.  To be a part of the giveaway you need to collect all the letters from each swap pair, figure out the message, and enter the rafflecopter giveaway.

or if that doesn't work

thanks for stopping by and playing today. 
I hope you enjoy the Swap Meet!


  1. This unit looks amazing. I love that there is so much to choose from to use. I will be adding this to my wishlist for next fall. Thanks for taking part in the hop!

    Hanging Around In Primary

  2. I cannot believe the parents at your school brought the pumpkin patch to you!!! Such a simple idea, but so genius!

  3. Sandra, what a great post! I can tell you must be one of those magic teachers by the very fact you had the pumpkin fairy deliver those pumpkins! And what a wonderful product! I don't know how you were able to decide which activity to do, but I do love the Text Feature Detective!

  4. I love your pumpkin patch idea! I need to remember it for next year!
    I Love First Grade