So we've been really focusing on Christmas in my classroom this year.  We spent a number of days putting together these dough ornaments.  My teaching colleague found this idea on Pinterest and we modified it a bit.  We made the dough and rolled it out.  The kids cut out the circle shapes using a glass as a cookie cutter.  We baked them in the oven for an hour and then let them dry overnight.  The kids painted the white background and then added the nose and eyes with paint applied with a Qtip.  Then the mouth and eyebrows were added with a sharpie.  Finally the entire thing was finished with a layer of Modge Podge for a glossy look.  Next week we are finishing up our gingerbread kids and I'll post them up here for you.

In Math we have been working on number concept to 100.  I've been using a variety of resources, but this photo below shows some comparing number activities we did using playing cards and the worksheets from my unit on playing cards.

to check it out.

These adorable elves are made by the class across the hall from me.  Aren't they adorable?

AND, have you seen these reindeer around Pinterest????
Last year they went viral.  I was surprised to get one on a Christmas card from my nephew.
The fantastic art teacher who came up with these cuties, teaches next door to me.
Check out her blog Artventurous.

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