Freebie in my store

Just a quick post about my latest freebie.  It's differentiated for all primary grades.

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Just a quick post about what went on my class last week.  All the kids were super chatty as they were so happy to see one another after 2 weeks apart.  We did, however, manage to get this cute craftivity done for New Years' 

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I decided to use this little freebie from the Frog Spot to finish up the bottom.

Here's a quick look at some art that was around my school this week.


My First Growing Bundle

I've just posted up  my first GROWING BUNDLE

This product features animals which are symbols of  America.  There are animals from all major kinds of animals - Reptiles, Amphibians, Mammals, Fish, and Birds.

Here's what will eventually be included in this package.

And here's what in there today!
Remember it's a GROWING BUNDLE.  So as I add new products I will raise the price.  So get it now and you can access all these products for a low price!

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January 2016 Currently

I had a chance to join in on Farley's currently linky this week.  She's been very sick these past few months.  Hop on by to her blog and check out her story.  Drop her a comment too, I'm sure she'd love the thoughts and prayers.

Right now, hubby and I are listening to the Montreal Comedy Festival on the PVR.  We are enjoying a night to ourselves finally after a long week full of family.  

I have come to realize, yet again, how wonderful my family is and how lucky we are to have all our family living within walking distance.  I mean between my hubby and I, both sets of parents and all 5 siblings, live in walking distance.  We all have children under 10 years old, which makes Christmas so much fun.  We haven't had to endure Christmas visitors who stay for days, and days, yet we have seen our family almost every day this holidays and it has been fun.

I am thinking about school starting this week, and I am glad it is not this week ask it is VERY COLD outside this week.  Vancouver doesn't usually get terribly cold in the winter, but it's been below zero (freezing) all week.  I'm glad I haven't had to go outside too often.

Despite having a great holiday, I would totally welcome another week off - so that's what I truly want, but I know I'm lucky to get 2 weeks off over Christmas as it is.

I desperately need a new computer.  We'll see if that's in the cards for me this year.

And my one little word is 'rest'.  Despite sleeping in almost every day this holiday I am still catching up.  2 nights ago we had an earthquake at 11:30 pm.  I was asleep and slept right through it.  I slept for 14 hours that night, as I have most nights this holiday.  I hope I catch up before monday!

Please stop by Farley's blog and check out this linky.  It's so much fun to join on in.